Another Harthal Day Looms Large

Well that’s a wet evening behind me now. It’s raining quite a lot these past few days and the best part of it is that it keeps the temperature low and the air cool. You can bundle yourself in sheets or wrap yourself in a thick blanket and stay snug and safe in your sleep. But you can’t do much in the heat except sweat and feel totally uncomfortable.

I’ve had a bad dad and I’m not ready to talk about it at the moment. Maybe during Sunday or after I’ve had sometime to wrap my head around it. I’ll get back to it soon. But I can’t open up about it until I get over it in my mind. But it’s got me all messed up in my mind.

Oh and tomorrow is a harthal! Another fucking day that the political parties are gonna make us miserable and ruin any chance of us normal folk to have a hassle free work day. The reason for the harthal is that the sudden sharp increase in the price of petrol & diesel and hence these motherfucking politicians need to make it even worse for the public and block trains, buses, cars and stop people from opening shops, stores and offices. The political party members usually don’t bother private vehicles too much but a lot of people are scared to take their cars out. Bikes seem to go about as usual but most offices close down….except for the 24 hour BPO companies like the one yours truly works for! Yes, slap my ass and call me Judy!

So, I’ll bid you goodnite as I have to get up really early at 3 am and get ready for a company cab that will come to pick me up around 4:30 am. I’ll probably reach the office by 5:15 am and leave the office around 6pm! Yeah, just like last time.

A World Cup 2010 Update – 3

What an interesting World Cup it has been so far

  • Uruguay and Mexico finish 1st & 2nd place in their group A after 3 matches. Hosts South Africa unfortunately fail to cross the group stage and finish in 3rd place with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss.
  • What about France? 1998 champs and 2006 finalists, the French were abysmal and were chucked out of the Cup, with 1 draw and 2 defeats. Atleast they scored a goal unlike in 2002!
  • Argentina had too much talent & class in group B and finished with 3 wins, but South Korea trumps over both Greece and my fav African team Nigeria to finish 2nd in the group.
  • One surprise in group C; it’s the USA who top the group with 5 points – two draws and a win. England finally hemmed and hawed and after two draws they finally got a win against Slovenia that gave them 5 points and finished second to go through to the next stage.
  • Group D saw Germany defeated by Serbia but still 6 points from wins in the other 2 games were enough to see them top  the group. Surprisingly Ghana, who will be the lone African side in the round of 16, finished 2nd in the group over Australia & Serbia.
  • Group E sees the Netherlands win all 3 matches without much fuss and top the group. Japan trumped over Denmark last night and finish second. Cameroon finished last in E.
  • Group F and how them mighty have fallen. Defending champions Italy finish last in the group with 2 draws and a loss to Slovakia. Paraguay finish top  in the group followed by Slovakia. Even New Zealand had more points than Italy!

There’s still 2 more groups to finish the 3d matches but so much has happened that I just had to post this.