My Long Saturday

Well, I’m back from work and what a day it was. Loooong! All because of the harthal and work blockade that happened today in protest o the sudden rise in fuel prices. So I had to depend on the company provided transport as I do not have my on vehicle and since all buses & autos were off the roads. So I went to sleep at 1:30 am after watching some tv and woke up at the unholy hour of 3:00 am! I tossed in my bed as my eyes refused to open and were shut tightly. A few minutes passed and I willed myself to get outta bed and head to the loo.

A quick washing of the face & teeth brushed I headed for the kitchen and made myself  a big cup of strong coffee. After downing that I attended the call of nature and then checked with the transport department at the office to check the time that the cab would come to pick me up. I then too a bath and got dressed for at 4:45 am a Toyota Qualis was headed my way. As I waited for the cab in the juntion next to my building, I was joined by 6 to 8 “thorappans” or huge rats the size of  small dogs! Scared that they would bite my leg I moved closer to the main road. There were a boy & girl from the call center associate crowd of our company in the cab along with the driver and we went to Vaduthala and Elamakkara to pick up 3 more people.

We reached the office by 5:30 am and I went straight to work and finished a report before it was time for breakfast at 7:30 am. Went back to work and finished another report by 11 am and a third just before lunch time. I also took some rest in a room by removing my shoes and putting my feet up and getting in some shut eye. By 3 am I told my team to gather in the conference room so we could go over the latest products and process updates for the remaining 3 hours. A little after 6pm I got into a cab and went to a colony near HMT junction and then onto Vytilla before the cab dropped me off at Kacheripady at around 7:30 pm. I walked over to Varkey’s and bought a whole chicken and bread and my dad cooked it while I watched an episode of Castle and then settled for a nice dinner.

So how was your day?