I’ve had this affection & admiration for Canada & all things Canadian. Her cities & towns, her musicians, her singers, her actors, her wilderness, her majestic natural beauty, her beer, BlackBerries and hockey!

From 12 years or so, listening to many new, up and coming musicians and getting interested in hockey, I’ve been in love with the second largest landmass and the first nation of hockey. And today she turns 143. So in honour of this Canada Day, 2010 here’s my top 11 places I would love to go and visit in Canada. Happy Canada day to all Canadians.

  • Montreal
  • Halifax
  • Quebec City
  • Ottawa
  • Vancouver
  • Niagara Falls
  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Victoria
  • Hamilton
  • Edmonton

In The Meanwhile

Once again, I’ve been disconnected from the internet. Last evening I came home and tried getting online – but lo and behold the server in Cochin was having problems again. What’s worse is on these days it’s extremely difficult to get connected to my ISP’s call center. I have to dial them 10 times just to get connected to the IVR! TATA Indicom this is a big  fail on your part.

I tagged a complaint with them and got an initial confirmation of 4 hours as TAT but I was able to get intermittent albeit extremely snail pace service in between. I gave it up and knew that I would effectively have to wait until I come home from work the next day (today). They did outcall me twice – once to tell me that it was almost fixed but that it would take some more time and then around 6pm they called me to tell me that it was fixed and could I check? I answered that I was at work and could only check post 9:30 pm.

Lots has happened at work this week. As eventful a week as it is has been next week is even more stressful. We have all bigwigs coming in to the office where I work and it’s gonna be pretty tiresome. There’s also a client review happening next week on Tuesday. Also we are going through a major change due to the DGM in charge of our center is being transferred and a new one is taking his place. Atleast the new DGM is not a completely new person for us as we have had some interaction with him. So things are going to be a little heavy at work.

Oh and I learnt that a colleague of mine, who worked alongside me for 6 months here in Cochin, from the Tamil Nadu office branch is ill – with Swine Flu! He and his wife have both been diagnosed with H1N1 and are admitted to hospital. Let’s hope that they recover soon and get back to normal life. And I hope it doesn’t spread around.