What A Nice Afternoon

Well well it’s been a while since I went out and spent some time in town. Today seemed as good a day as any other to rectify that. Sat reading the papers and drinking coffee through most of the morning. I was also hoping that I wouldn’t get too many calls from the office and it was an ok day in that area. I shaved, showered and went out a little before noon.

My first purchase was to get some medicine and then visit the ATM to get some money out. Then I headed out to Marine Drive for some coffee. While waiting at Barista’s counter I looked back and saw Binny who was also in town waiting for some of his friends and killing time in the cafe. We ordered our coffee & tea and took our seats in the couch area. I really like the big single seat sofa / chair that they have in there. We spent about 40 minutes talking until his friends arrived and he went to have lunch with them. I sat in the cafe for some more time and then took an auto to Mamma Mia for a hair cut.

My hair had grown quite a bit and was getting quite difficult to control as it curls around the collar and also was getting haywire at the ears. I hate to have my hair pointing in different mad angles and looking that unruly and so….chop chop! There was no power in the hair saloon when I reached there and I had to wait until they got their generators working. Soon I saw down and the barber got to work and cut a whole lotta hair. I’m balding but I still have a lot of hair and it’s better to keep it at slightly less than medium. It’s just better that way.

After that I went to Velocity and sat down at the very front of the large screen plasma tv and watched most of a Jean Claude Van Damm movie called Sudden Death showing on HBO. It’s an ok movie much better than most of his stuff plus it features a lot of hockey as it’s filmed during a fictional Stanley Cup match between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Chicago Blackhawks. Me thinks that the movie makers has some psychic abilities – 2009 Cup winner (Penguins) vs 2010 Cup winner (Blackhawks). Cool, very cool. I had 4 Romanov vodkas and Spirite had egg burgi, fried rice and chicken for a late lunch. Everything was delicious and tasty. I spent a long time there, taking it easy and just chilling with my drinks and lounging on the comfy sofa styled seats. After Sudden Death, Forgetting Sarah Marshall came on and I watched half of it. By then I was tired and so I came home and took a nap.