A Parting Gift

See this cute little angelic looking figurine.  It’s my little girl. My little angel.

This cutie was given to me as a gift from my second in command. She is or rather was my backup for 2 years. She joined along with me in the same profile and then when I got promoted she became my right hand…woman. She is an extremely efficient & wonderfully talented person and she is also one of my closest friends and well wishers. And now she has a chance of an excellent opportunity and career growth with benefits. So she is leaving the organization and taking up a better profile in another company.

She truly deserves what she is being offered and a whole lot more. The only person who does not believe in her capabilities is herself. I always tell her that she is worth a whole lot more but she never listens to me. Well atleast now she is getting a good profile where she can show her worth. But am I really gonna miss her. She’s been a solid rock, a pillar of the team and she helped mold the newer members so well. I am so proud of her but sad that she has to move. But I am happy for her getting a good profile and a fatter pay check. All the very best.