The End Of A Long Week

Wrapping up stuff at the office that I need to finish & organize before my trip to Bangalore. Speaking of which, I didn’t get train tickets confirmed so I ended up getting bus seats booked on a Volvo bus. So it looks like  just me & the HR AM who will be going from the Kochi office for the GB training in Bangalore. But I’m hoping that my friend & Bangalore colleague Smitha, who I have never met but communicate with on a regular basis over the phone and now on Skype, can also join the training. There are vacant slots available for the training and so she can join as long as she gets approval from the GM.

I’m going to Bangalore for a GB training & I’ll be staying in the company guesthouse near MG Road. However the training will be conducted in a hotel in Koramangala. I wanted to also find out a good bar in the area where I will be visiting and so did the quickest thing possible – I posted this question on Facebook and Twitter. The few responses I got are promising – there’s supposed to be a Jimi’s Beer Bar near the training venue as well as a pub called Enigma. Can’t wait to see if they have some interesting stuff to drink and hopefully some international beer. My travel mate however does not touch alcohol. His loss!

Post work I headed out to Bay Pride Mall for some coffee and I ran into a couple of former colleagues from my Aspin Wall days – Prince and George and they had two of their friends with them. After chatting for a while they invited me to join them at the food court in the mall for a bite to eat. I had a plain milk & coffee with a club sandwich. After that we left the food court and I went to the Archies Gallery to see if I could find a cute little gift for my colleague who is leaving for her new job on Tuesday. They had loads of stuff that I would interesting….and pretty much outta my budget range. Still I got her a little cuddly teddy bear that I’m sure she will like. And now to relax at home.

World Cup 2010 – Almost Done

We’ve got just two matches left to play in this 2010 edition of the greatest & biggest sports tournament in the world. The surprises were plenty, the heartbreaks galore and the final heroes are to be determined in the next two days. Favourites have died out and withered and some new fans were created. And here we are – almost a month ago from when the tournament kicked off.

The semi-finals were decided by a single goal each, a 3-2 win for Holland over Uruguay and a 1-0 win for Spain over Germany. Most people went for a German victory but Spain have proved to be silent and strong and beating them now is a heavy challenge. Uruguay were a delightful revelation in this tournament and I’m sure that some of their key players may find themselves being sought after by some of the bigger clubs in Europe (those who aren’t already signed). The Netherlands seems poised to write their own destiny and erase of heartbreaks and broken promises of the past; while this squad may not have been their most talented ever they sure seem to be the most united.

We have the little matter of finding out who the 3rd place winner is going to be – and that will be decided later on tonight when Germany face Uruguay. And then tomorrow the Netherlands will face off against Spain in the final and whichever side wins, it will be a first World Cup title for them. Two European sides facing off, which nation will stand alone in the end? Let’s find out.