Spain Won, Who Cares!

Howling mad awful, long & boring – that is how I would describe the 2010 football World Cup! Unable to get ESPN or any other S band channels on my extremely old Sony tv (really ancient guys) I was left with trying to watch the game online. My 256kbps speed connection can only do so much – I found a good site that offers live streaming of the match for free but it’s stop-start-flicker-start-stop-start-flicker after about every 7 or 8 seconds of proper viewing. Watching a dull game like this one on this type of online streaming gets on your nerves and almost put me off football entirely – almost!

I clicked off the streaming website after around 60 minutes, my brain having become numb and dulled out. I couldn’t bear to watch it anymore so I switched to watching one of the many downloaded episodes of Star Trek that I have, occasionally checking the score updates that the tweeple I follow were putting out on Twitter and also checking the news. It seems like the match would never end! After a 0-0 stalemate the match went to 30 minutes of extra-time. “Another 30 minutes” groaned football fans across the globe! Paul the octopus must have wanted to commit suicide and willing made into calamari!

So Spain won *yawn yawn* big deal and all that. I wish they hadn’t and I wish the Dutch had played a bit more better. But this World Cup has left me longing for the European League and the English league in particular. Can’t wait for it to start! I’ll try to buy a new big screen tv before that.