Stargate Universe : Episode 14 “Human”

The repository of knowledge chair which was deemed to be highly dangerous and which Col. Young had asked everyone to stay away from proves to be too tempting for Dr. Rush. Taking Brody’s help Rush  finds a way to modify the chair in such a way that no harm comes to those using it, and this is the only way to unlock control of Destiny. Young is upset but Brody says that with or without his help Rush was gonna use the chair.

Meanwhile Rush is led to a visionary quest in his mind – he is back on Earth and in his house. He meets his ailing wife but goes about his way as he is aware that this is just an illusion. While at the university teaching his class, Rush sees a lot of Ancient symbols streaming in front of him. in his home office, the walls are completely plastered with papers full of notes and calculations, as well as a whiteboard filled with more calculations. Then Daniel Jackson comes to meet him at the university to talk about the Stargate program.

Rush already knows what Daniel wants to talk to him about; the Stargate program. He apparently knows what he is about to be told about the ninth chevron and the Icarus project. He admits that this already happened; he is experiencing a vision of what already happened two years ago, a side-affect of what he is trying to accomplish in the present. Young wants Rush removed, but Brody says that only Rush can disengage the interface safely; if he is forced out, it could kill him. Brody also reveals that they created a buffer to slow down the transfer of information and limit it to a small portion of his memory center; Rush is having a semi-lucid dream whilst gathering the information. Once he finds enough clues, he will simply have to walk through a certain door, and he will return, hopefully unharmed. Since T.J. believes he is stable for now, Young allows the experiment to continue, but orders Brody to pull the plug should that change.

By this time Destiny comes out of FTL near a planet and Lt. Scott, Greer, Chloe & Eli set out to explore it with just 6 hours showing on the clock before the ship goes off into FTL again. On the surface near the gate they find some ruins which does not look to be of a highly advanced culture. They go into a network of tunnels and run into a giant spider which Greer kills by shooting his machine gun. However the tunnel collapses sealing the team inside and Young sends another team to dig them out. Although they try to blast a new opening, it only makes things worse and Scott orders the team to go back to the ship and leave his group behind.

On the ship Rush comes out of his vision after saying goodbye to his wife. He has learned a lot about the ship while on his vision but not enough to stop the ship. As the countdown ends, Destiny takes off into FTL leaving Eli, Chloe, Scott & Greer on the planet and stuck in the dark tunnels.  Rush tells Young that he will work on gaining the controls of the ship in order for Young to get back the team stranded on the planet.