Crazy Dreams

Just in case you didn’t know, I dream a lot. I day dream at the drop of a hat. I remember some dreams very vividly even after years have passed by. I had one last night that made me think so much about an earlier one I had about 10-11 years ago. These two dreams are connected in the people who are featuring in the dreams.

When I was 22-23 I visited my cousins in Mattancherry a whole lot and spent a lot of time with them. Probably this is why I had a  dream about one of my cousins. See my cousin Aswin used to make up these weird stuff on the spot and chant them over and over. One of his chants was called the “churty nam” song! He would chant the following : “churty nam nammy nam, churty nam nammy nam…..NAM!”. Nothing but a silly nonsensical ditty that 11-12 years would create right?

Well, one night while asleep I had a dream that I was the security in charge of a big international airport. At my desk I had hotlines connected to Interpol, the FBI, CIA and other such agencies. And in this dream I was in my early 50s, a distinguished looking gentleman with salt & pepper hair and goatee, dressed in the classiest of suits. So I’m sitting at my desk when some of my people come to my room and say “Sir, there’s a commotion at one of the departure sections. A religious nutcase is creating a disturbance and soliciting people to join his cult and won’t back down if even guards have told him to come with them.” So I say, come on men. Let’s go and see what the fuss is all about.

So, armed and determined, my men and I head towards the departure section and go to see this religious zealot who is creating all this commotion. When I get there, its my cousin Aswin – as a 12 year old – dressed in saffron robes and a turban and singing “churty nam nammy nam, churty nam nammy nam…..NAM!” and going round and round in a circle, folding his hands in a namaste and dancing! And people all looking scared and trying their best to avoid them.

Well last night’s dream was not funny it was actually romantic! The reason I remembered this older dream is because it was around the same time as the dream that I also got close to this girl 2 years younger than me and started having some feelings for her. And I also told her about the dream of the airport and she had a very hearty laugh at that. Well  haven’t seen her in ages but I had a dream about her last night. That we were going on a real date. To a coffee shop and then to a library and then to have a leisurely lunch before I had to take her home. That was so weird, since I have never spoken to her about the feelings that I had at that time.

Well in the dream, I had arranged with her the previous evening to meet her at 9am and we went to a book exhibit first. There I tried to kiss her but the opportunity went by without lips actually touching lips. I was so disappointed and thought that she was quite oblivious to the fact that I wanted to kiss her. Then we went to the coffee shop and sat there for a long time sipping cold frappes. Then I took her for a movie and there she made her move and let me know that she wanted to kiss me too. So I did and it was a good smooch, all French kissy and sexy as hell. I put my arms around her and held her tight.

I woke up just after that and was surprised that I had this dream about this girl, one who I hadn’t seen in all these years. Weird!