To Find Somebody New

This brings back so many memories! It’s a video from 1987 – just after guitarist John Norum quit his band Europe at the peak of their success, due to disinterest in the more keyboard dominated sound, he started his own solo project. From his debut solo album Total Control, here’s the video for Back On The Streets. If I’m not mistaken the vocals are provided by fellow Swede Goran Edman.

Food For Thought

My thoughts on some food items that I ate during this past week.

  • Unniappams – best tasting unniappams at our office canteen. The caterers make this fresh in the morning and bring it to our canteen. Amazing tastes!
  • Parippuvada – again from the canteen. Good but not as great as the unniappams. Sometimes they make them really nice but at times they bring us hardened and slightly stale ones. The vada I had today with my evening coffee was so hard & stiff, that had I thrown it at someone’s head, he/she would have been laid up in a coma!
  • Maggie noddles – instant noodles. Once a staple food of mine, I haven’t had it that much in a while. Today I wanted some and so bought a pack of it on the way home. It wasn’t that good.
  • Haldirams masala nuts – hmmm spicy nuts from Haldirams brand. Would go well with beer but I haven’t had any beer in a while.
  • Cake – while at an office farewell / celebration / birthday etc, cake is always there. And it never tastes good! Yuck!
  • North Indian sweets – the kind you get in a box with mixed stuff in it. Very yummy. Someone brought a box to the office this morning as his daughter recently delivered a baby girl.
  • French fries – best snack I can ever think of. I love them.

Bumper Car

After leaving the office at around 7:30 pm, I thought I’d head over to Marine Drive and get some coffee at Barista cafe. A light rain took me by surprise as the whole day was mostly bright and I think it was a bit sunny in the afternoon. Anyways I got to Bay Pride Mall, filled with screaming kids, families and lots of idiots who just wanna pose, but Barista was closed! These morons always close early – it was just 15 mins past 8pm! On a fucking Saturday!

A little pissed off I came out and thought to myself that I’ll just suck it in and go home. So I stood outside in he drizzling rain and waited for an auto to come by. There was a maroon colour Honda to my left, parked on the side with the driver sitting inside chatting on the phone. He was parked parallel to the pavement with the engine shut off. I;m looking to my right and looking for an auto. Suddenly, this moron starts the car and backs up and the bumper pushes me a bit to the right! Sonofafuckingbitch hadn’t bother to look behind him!  Hence I was rudely pushed towards the right.

I hit the back of the car with my hand and then walked up towards the driver side. The driver of the car had now recognized that he had made a mistake and had a worried expression on his face. But bastard couldn’t be bothered to step out of his car or lower the window to check if I was alright. I just said “Fucker watch where you are going. You almost ran over me!” I let it go because he looked old enough to be my dad and so I went back. The driver of the car went on his way without a proper apology. Son of a bitch!