My Thoughts on the Death Penalty

Do I believe in the death penalty? Here’s my answer : with a few exceptions, I do not believe that the death penalty. It’s confusing even to me because who is the right person or persons to decide which crime or crimes deserve the death penalty? What kind of human being is to be declared unfit to continue his/her existence on this earth that killing them and ending the pain will be the best outcome?

I do believe that serial killers, rapists and child molesters do not deserve to live. A man who kills babies & small children, old people and the ill who cannot defend themselves do not deserve to life wile their victims are dead. Someone who sexually abuses his own offspring or another child related to him cannot be considered fit to continue living. Organ stealers, drug peddlers who target the young.

Who about war crimes? Dictators, leaders, politicians and kings who have committed genocide and massacred thousands of people. Do they deserve to live? The religious fundamentalists who destroy other lives just because they do not see eye to eye on beliefs and way of living?

Who is to decide? I do not know if the law is correct. Can there possibly be a man/woman who everyone else has declared unfit to continue and even a danger if he/she still lives and so they all decide that he/she is to be killed? Not even Saddam or Osama or even Hitler etc etc.

Although there are quite a few people that I wouldn’t mind seeing dead, heck I may even dance on their graves and hand out free candy to passers-by, I’m not sure that I could decide if the death penalty is the right punishment.

Well, except if you are a member of a boyband!!!!

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