One Horrible, Miserable, Fucked Up Day

What a nightmare this day has been? Or daymare, is that a word? I think there should be a word like that if there isn’t one. I’m too tired to check a dictionary, even an online one, so be a doll and check it out for me, will ya?

I’m ill, feverish, body pain and a slight cough. I came home early last evening and promptly went to lie down in bed. I rested a long time yesterday and hence did feel a little better by night. However I had a temperature throughout the night and woke up late this morning. Things were going ok in the morning; some rest and then I’d get up and sit at the computer trying to do some work, listen to some songs as well and field a few calls from the office. But this afternoon was a bloody fucking shit of a monster!

Things had gone really bad at the office with a couple of things. A couple of my team’s training batch trainees had goofed up big time in their reports & assignments and the clients had picked it up. They sent horrible emails and ofcourse I will be getting the brunt of it and it will be brought up time and again because. Then there was the matter of an employee from our office who was asked to  travel to Mumbai for two days for attending an official matter and was stuck there because after getting approval for the cost of her stay as things got messed up. And I spent most of the time from 2pm till 7:30 pm sorting those things out. I took & made as much as 60 calls in the afternoon to evening! My ears are hot, my phone is heated and my brain has turned to mush.

I’m tired, too tired even to complain and so I made some coffee and got a light snack when the phone rang up again. This time it’s the local boss – I had planned a team trip on Friday in order for my team to unwind and relax and have some fun after such a long time. The guys in my team were looking forward to it and so was I. The boss wants us to put the trip aside for now because of bad planning from the management team and they want us to work on Friday. It’s actually a holiday and they tell me this two days away from the trip. I’m going to try and give it another go when I meet him face to face but it won’t pan out I know. Sheesh!

Oh and when did I get to rest on my sick day? Search me, I haven’t got a clue.