Losing Your Cool In Public

I can’t remember losing my temper in public many times but yes I do lose my temper a lot and working in sometimes chaotic environments does sometimes lead me to lose my cool and blow a fuse. I can get angry and shout and use the foulest language known to mankind and scare the living daylights out of anyone within earshot radius. Yes it is not a pretty sight children!

I think I’ve blown my top a couple of times in the office. Yes, the office can get under your skin and drive you crazy. I remember that the behaviour of some people had driven me crazy (not just me but there were more shocked than angry) and I was thinking how dare these bastards act like this. Insulting, degrading, snobbish & overall negative attitude designed to bring you and your work down. And they thought that they could just get away with it because they happen to come from Bombay or Bangalore or some corporate office!

There were a couple of incidents that I wish to erase from memory mostly because of my reaction towards them rather than the fact that it happened. I was a bit ashamed and also the outburst did not help rectify the situation at all.