What 5 Things In Life Give You Joy?

  • The sound of music: my favourite songs make me happy and joyous. A heart-felt guitar solo, melodious piano playing, pounding of drums and the constant rhythm of a bass. A wonderful voice and a great song.
  • Good food & drink: food is the great comforter. A nice hot sandwich, fried chicken, a hot and delicious pizza! Hmmm pizza, tomorrow is a Saturday and perfect for a pizza. Cold drinks and vodka are great to wash down your food.
  • A beautiful girl/woman: just looking at a pretty woman is enough to give me joy. I’m a lonely bachelor and a smile and a nod in my direction will do wonders for my day. It could be the catalyst or an indicator of good things to come.
  • A cold rainy day gives me joy: I love the rain. I love the sound of rain falling all around me. Ofcourse I want to be safe indoor while it happens. On days that I spend at home, I always wish for it to rain all day, especially for the kind of climate that we usually get in hot & humid Kerala. This year there’s been a lot more rain that usual, atleast in my area and I’m loving it!
  • Watching my fav tv shows: that is what I always look forward to everyday. Along with my fav music, this keeps me sane. It keeps me alive and wanting me. I can’t wait to start watching my fav sci-fi shows and watching them over and over again.

What are your 5 things?