Beam Me Up

About time too! I was wondering where the sci-fi questions had gone off to!

Ever since the Star Trek original series, transporting yourself from one point to another has been an obsession with those of us who are followers of scifi. Imagine what classic moments were created when the transporter was working to it’s optimum and it took Chief Engineer Scotty to fix things, albeit after one of his famous lines “I can’t do it captain. I just don’t have the power!”

Ofcourse in the TOS series and the movies that followed them, Scotty always did manage to get the power. And he’d beam your ass back to safety just in time!

What about accidents in teleportation? Anyone remember the movie The Fly? I’ve seen the later version, in which a poor Jeff Goldblum gets merged with a fly, as it wandered aimlessly into the pod along with Jeff, and out came a disgusting creature that was half fly and half human. Disgusting!

Ok I’d first want to be teleported to the place where all my dreams will come true. Like the Nexus – no not the WWE heel faction, but the Nexus as in Star Trek VII Generations. Where you can’t die and things are just as you want. You feel love, joy and happiness and all that you ever want is given to you. You can ‘live’ out your life the way you chose to be and the way things happen is as per your heart’s desire. Not a bad place to be eh?

Ok, so beam me up Scotty! And I ain’t coming back!