Not Everything Happens For A Reason

I do not believe that everything happens for a reason. One might argue that atheists would chose not to believe that everything happens for a reason because logically it there was a reason it would indicate the presence of a diving or higher power/supreme being. I do not believe that there is a divine supreme being.

There are many things that happen in this world that has no meaning and no reason to happen. Rape for instance or miscarriages. The Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina and any other of the natural disasters. An innocent child being killed by a wild animal. Children dying due to neglectful parents/adults. Many, many other things.

The worst comment I hear during a natural disaster that claims many lives is – it’s god testing us! Fuck you and fuck your god. I never hear that coming from the victims. Anyone who has not been affected by the disaster can say such comments but it’s really stupid to say so.

I do believe that we alter or rather affects events by the decisions we make and mostly the outcome, atleast to a good extent. But not everything happens for a reason.

I Should’ve Walked Away

This song was a big hit back in 1986. I remember the first time I heard this – my sister was taping this radio show of the best & biggest hits of 1986 on New Year’s eve, when we still lived back in Kuwait. As they played hit singles after hit singles, she would record each song so we could play them back at our leisure. One of the songs we had heard for the first time, but fell instantly in love with was Cutting Crew’s I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight. I never understood the meaning of the title – I remember thinking at age 10, how is he still singing this if he is supposed to have died? “) at the time and later thought that it meant ‘devastated’!

It was only years later that I came to know that it’s a song about sex and that title was inspired by the French phrase “la petite mort,” or “a little death,” being an obscure¬†metaphor for orgasm.