My 5 Best Qualities, According To Me

Sense of humour
I like cracking jokes and making people laugh. I especially like dirty jokes and enjoy it a lot when my jokes make people laugh out loud and tears form in their eyes. No one can be sad around me when they are my friends. I will make you laugh and if my jokes fail, then I will tickle you silly.

I’m extremely loyal and I know how to be a good friend. There’s a downside to this however; if I feel let down by you or betrayed, then I will avoid you like the plague. I will hate you almost as much passionately as I will like you.

Loving nature
This is no secret; I am loveable and I love to be loved. I’m also good at loving and I’m not just talking about a romantic relationship. I’d love you as a friend, as a brother and a loyal person who’d cry for you and is willing to help you. Your pain is my pain and my heart will ache for you. I love easily.

Although I love Star Trek, Star Wars, BSG, Star Gate and all the best Scify movies – they are nothing compared to what I can dream up in my mind. My imaginative world is far more complex, exciting, advanced and thrilling than anything tv or movies can think of. The only problem is how do I show the world what’s in my imagination?

This is something that I would have wanted to be a long standing quality of mine. And according to some of my superiors I had it in heaps. That was actually part of the feedback that came along with my annual appraisal. My bosses at the time thought that integrity was one of my highest values & virtues. So I’m glad that they see that in me. Let me tell you that it’s not always seen as a plus point in this world. People in power may want you to bend or break it to further certain other aspects of the business. Be part of a corporate environment and you’ll understand what I mean. But that’s another blog post for another day.

Ofcourse my faults and negatives far outweigh my positives. I think I have posted a few times about my many drawbacks and will surely will this blog with many more posts about them in the future.