What Is Your Favorite Sound?

Imagine it’s been a hot week. The sun blazing all day long and the nights hot and sticky. Just walking on the streets for a few minutes is enough to sap all energy from your body and leave you a sweaty mess of goo. You feel the need to drink as much cold drinks & water and supplement your salt intake just because you are losing a lot of it by sweating. The sun is no friend of yours and is intent on burning or frying you up.

This goes on for days and you take 3 showers a day just to be presentable. Your clothes smell because of the amount of sweat you pass onto them. You end up using a lot of deo just to please people. The mere thought of going out turns your brain to mush and all you want to do is crank up the air conditioner and lay indoors as much as you can. Those of you who don’t have an ac at home will spend long hours in the office just to enjoy that cool air for a little bit longer. And then….

The rains come. The heavens part and the clouds bursts in orgasmic climax and showers the land with rain water. Heavy rain water as a pregnant cloud decides to quench mother Earth’s thirst and fill it to the brim with water. That sound of heavy rain fall and a pleasant breeze that follows….that is my favourite sound. I’ll keep the windows open and I’ll sit by them as the rain falls. Peaceful and euphoric at the same time.