At Home Alone For The Weekend

Even with a two day break mid week, it still wasn’t an easy week work wise for me. One hell of a shitty Monday with some unpleasant events & talk. Followed by a lot of debate. The next day I was just so tired and weak and I applied for a two day leave.

Those two days at home did wonders for my health but coming back to work on Friday wasn’t easy either. An escalation against me and struggling to get things done. What’s a guy got to do to get a break around  here? Then today, Saturday, which is usually a very relaxed day for me was spent working on the phone with training leads from other states working on a little project that took most of our time. I started on a conference call at 11 am and that got carried over till 2:30 pm. A break till 5:30 pm and then onwards till about 8:45 pm. Then I asked for a company cab to take me home.

I came home at around 20 past 9pm and ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut along with a pepsi. I so rarely drink Pepsi these days but it feels so refreshing even if I waited for it to warm up a bit as I didn’t want to strain my sinuses. Hawaiian Chicken pan pizza – yum but why does it taste like it’s got a lot of butter rather than cheese? I dunno. I also did some grocery shopping for Sunday and I hope I get to have a nice quite day in, home alone for the weekend. I have no problems staying at home on my own; I’ll just sleep in and watch a few movies.