Meat Lover or Meatless: My Stance on Vegetarianism

I have many a times thought about turning vegetarian. Or even vegan. That however is for another blog post. Let’s talk about being vegetarian.

At times I have thought that turning vegetarian would be good for me. Let’s check out what I would eat. Cauliflaur – yes gotta love those. I like in in a curry or fried. I especially like them as chili gobi (much like chilly chicken) which is the staple of most restaurants on the streets of Cochin. Potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, soya chunks – all good. Sweet potato, tapioca, yams. All of the good stuff. And I’d have lots of fruit to get me by. I’d also have loads of noddles without the meat or eggs.

Sandwiches would be good without the meat, fish or eggs. I’d probably put lots of ketchup or cheese on my sandwiches though. And pizza – I have a theory that pizza is supposed to be vegetarian and that adding meat, although quite taste, is doing something against the actual intent of pizza making. Cheese, tomato sauces, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, nuts, olives, maybe some garlic and then olive oil. Perfect!

But then I do like my meat. And I can’t live without fish. I am a typical Kerala boy – I love my fish. I need my fish fry or fish curry – mackerel, sardines, pomfret, salmon, seer fish, anchovy (oh I love anchovy fried with my vodka) and my favourite karimeen (Pearl spot fish). I prefer fried to curry but some fish curry can satisfy the taste buds. And don’t forget crab, prawns & squid.

I love chicken done any which way you care to serve me, I love quail fried, pork at times. Beef I like but only seem to like it from two hotels now. I rarely have it these days. I love rabbit meat. But I don’t like mutton – either goat or sheep. I just don’t like the taste & texture of the meat. And oh yes I like frogs legs. Very much.

Oh was this post about vegetarianism? Lol. I guess I can never switch completely to veggies only but I will always eat more veggies than meat.

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