Would You Ever Get An E-book Reader?

I do not have an e-book reader; infact I only came to know about ereaders at the beginning of the year. I’ve been reading ebooks or “electronic version of printed books” and also books made only on digital format for ages but always on my computer.

Let me tell you that actual printed books are a favourite of mine. From the age of 8 or 9, I’ve collected books. When I got heavily into novel reading by the age of 12-13, I’ve joined a library and been a voracious reader. It was only because of the internet and getting a connected home that I’ve cut down on my reading drastically.

I would buy novels, read them many times over and a few years later sell them to a used book store. And then I would start all over again and get more novels. I would also save a few select novels which were my favourites and treasure them. I’ve got this copy of Stephen King’s It from…I dunno how many years back, which is torn in several pages and lost both front & back covers.

I joined a bigger library at the age of 18 and would get 3-4 novels, a biography or two and maybe some comics or something for 2 weeks. I would finish them all and come back for more in 14 days. I loved the time spent reading and most days I would lose track of time. I would start a book in the afternoon right after lunch and by the time I put the book down it would be dinner time.

Now, living in a smaller sized apartment where space is a premium, I do have quite a few books stored in my cupboard & shelves. But just like my cds are ripped up and saved as mp3s in my external hard drive for saving space, I would prefer getting a digitized version for all my books. Now, ofcourse I can’t burn the word from the books as easily (unless u scan then which is a tedious task) I can get ebook versions of these novels and more. Recently I downloaded pdf formats for the entire Tintin & Astrix comics – what joy! Similarly I would love to get novels in ebook format and get them onto my laptop or an ereader. I would like to get an ereader, so rather than lugging the laptop I can use this specifically only for reading purposes. It would be cool to get a Sony or a cool er ebook. They do look very handy.

What do you think? Any readers out there?

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