Back In November Of 2007…

The lead guitarist in this pic, Eldho Paul, just posted this pic in his Facebook account. I didn’t have any good pics of the 15 minutes of rock stardom :P that we enjoyed back in November 2007 at the annual office R&R function. We played 3 songs that night, I fulfilled my long time dream of singing in front of an audience (of around 200 I  guess) with an actual band. Well minus the drummer; we programmed the drum tracks into the keyboards.

Good times.

They Bounce Quite High!

Back in 2003, I joined a company in Fort Kochi called AspinWall and worked in their international Call Center for outbound sales. I only spent 7 months there but I had a great time, met some memorable people and made great friends, some of whom last to this day. One of them is a woman who I will name as ‘S’ over here.

S is a wonderful person and a good friend and I have only good things to tell about her. I haven’t met her since late 2002, when she moved away to her hometown in New Jersey where her mom still lived at the time. She would later move to San Fransisco, where I think she still lives. I have very occasional contact with her, mostly through Facebook. I remember her fondly and hope that she is finding life to be filled more with happiness than what she was used to and she has had some trouble a few years back.

One of the funniest things I remember about her was that she had an innocence that belied her looks; what I mean is that she is one hot woman but she’s got a sweet personality and is a very sweet girl. Once, just as we were leaving post our work shift, I found a small packet near my desk. On opening the tiny wrapping, I found two ball bearings in it, obviously left over from some of the work that had been done in the newly constructed building that was our office. I took them and was thinking of giving it at the front desk, when S came over and asked me what it was that I had in my hand. I showed it to her and then placed it in her palm and flirting, as I usually do, said ‘Here take my balls. Please fondle with care’.

She laughed and took them and was rolling it in her hands and saying something like ‘oh these are yours? I’ll take good care of them’. Another friend, Mr. Anand Sharma, then joined us not knowing the conversation that had just happened. He saw the ball bearings and took them from her and said ‘Oh these things. You know what, if you throw them on the ground, they BOUNCE QUITE HIGH!’

That was it. S broke in a laughing fit and kept pointing at me. I was laughing quite hysterically myself at this comment that Anand had unknowingly contributed to the earlier conversation. Anand however did not understand what all the hilarity was about and had to wait for a few minutes until both S & I could control ourselves and tell him why we were laughing so hard!