Three Countries I’d Like to Visit

Canada – I love this big country, the second largest landmass and the first nation of hockey. I’m attracted to her cities, her towns, her large open spaces and her natural beauty. I want to visit the farms & the wheat fields and drink a beer at some of the beautiful spots in the country. I want to watch hockey live at the rink and attend concerts of my favourite bands, artists and musicians from Canada.

Britain – watch football at the stadium, go to a pub and hang out with the locals, drinking a lager, eating fish n’chips and discussing the latest football scores. I want to visit the royal family and hang out in London & Liverpool. I would also like to meet a lovely country English lass – who I will corrupt, divide & conquer ;)

Spain – Watching Spanish football made me aware of how lovely Spain is. I want to run with the bulls, throw tomatoes and cook paella with the locals. I want to learn Flamenco guitar from the very best in Andalusia and revel is the Catalan joy. Watching a classico match in person would be great – what could be more regal than Real Madrid vs Barcelona?

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