Alone In This Vast Universe?

I’ve always assumed that we humans weren’t alone in the universe. That ofcourse, we aren’t arrogant enough to believe that out of all that vastness of space, with so many planets, in so many star systems, in so many galaxies – uncountable numbers – we are the sole existing intelligent life form. Why would there  be so many galaxies & planets if we are the only ones in it? But just for arguments sake, let’s assume the opposite – what if the Earth is the only planet with life existing on it?

That would be something else all together wouldn’t it? Would it even be worth it to spend billions of dollars on space programs to try and get ourselves onto other planets? Only ofcourse if space becomes a premium or we completely destroy the ozone layer (we’re doing a pretty good job of it right now) will we ever need to think of colonizing and if we get the science of terra-forming mastered from just fiction to fact! Then yeah we would need to get our asses onto another planet or moon otherwise – why bother! Let’s spend that money on food, clothing & luxuries!

But think about it, can we be the only planet with living creatures on it? I mean, that would make us either special or an experiment gone wrong! A freak fluke of nature, a 1 in a – I dunno give a huge number here – chance, never to happen again maybe for a few million years. I would call that arrogance but what if? I don’t think that us humans are that special or that lucky. In fact let me state this – I’m certain that we are not alone in the universe and that there is intelligent life out there in atleast a few planet if not many. And some of them are bound to travel in space ships and then find our planet and visit us. And some of them will have very powerful weapons that we have no chance against. And when they do come, I plan on telling them that I knew all along that they existed and that you didn’t!