Stay At Home Cause Monday Will Suck

I’ve become such a stay at home dull boy. Mainly during the weekends. The last few weekends I have stayed at home for the entire duration, even when I’ve had 2 days off instead of just 1. And I complain about not having much of a social life! Usually when I just get the Sunday off, I choose to stay indoors and not go out because, well, you need the Sunday of rest to recover from the past 6 days of working stress and strain. Seems sensible right? But these last few weeks whenever I’ve had the alternate Saturdays off as well, I have still chosen to remain in the apartment for 2 days and not going – at all.

I hate Mondays. They just suck. I can’t remember a Monday that has been good. Atleast not when I am working. Ok, maybe my last birthday which was on a Monday but I don’t think it counts as people go out of their way to make you feel special on that day. Mondays always suck!

Here is a Tagxedo created on the words in my blog. I think it looks cool. Try it out yourself.