If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine…

Time machines have always been on lots of people’s wish list for a gadget that they could own\create. Imagine being able to go back in time to rectify a mistake, a decision that you could change or do something that you missed. If everyone would be able to do that then the world would have changed considerable and I think it might be for the better.

Remember those harsh words that you said to a friend or a lover? Remember how things changed considerably between you after that? Do you wish that you could take back those words? A loved one who you had a falling out with lay dying and you couldn’t reach in time to talk to them one final time and sort things out before their last breath. Do you wish you could have spoken to them? Do you wish you could have gotten on that train/plane and went to wherever you wanted to go but your stubbornness prevented you from doing so? Or do you want to go back in time to prevent a death, a devastating accident or disaster?

These are the main reasons why I would want to go back in time. And then are the others; like meeting someone fascinating from the past or the future. I would want to see what life would be like in 2500 or 3000 or thousands of years beyond that. Does that Star Trek life come to be a reality – come on you know that’s what we’re gonna be living like eventually. Things are pointing in that direction anyway. Or will it be a complete opposite – will wars, religious fundamentalists, territorial disputes, rich vs poor divides, famine and drought take over to create a virtual hell on earth? Will we ever find alien life forms, form alliances or enemies, travel to distant planets and stars and create new civilizations? I would like to get a glimpse of them all.

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