Stargate Universe : Episode 23 “Awakening”

Some of the crew are on the observation deck watching as Destiny approaches an unknown object in space. Young orders Adam Brody and Dale Volker to ready Destiny’s weapons. As they approach closer they can see that it is a ship and similar to that of Destiny, hence Ancient in origin. Even though at first it seems that the ships are on a collision course, as Rush notes, Destiny is going to dock with the other ship. Col. Young sends a team to enter the ship & explore.

With Scott & Greer leading, the away team boards the second ship. Eli, Brody & Walker follow up behind them. As the team explores, restoring power and consoles, elsewhere on the vessel, a pod opens, from which an alien hand reaches out. Meanwhile, Wray tells Young that a funeral service will be held for Riley later in the week. Young agrees to say a few words. Young walks into the control room, having been called by Eli. Eli informs him that, after checking and rechecking their findings, they have discovered that the seed ship has a sizable energy reserve, enough to dial the gate back to Earth. Rush tells Young that he needs to open certain conduits to set up a transfer, which can only be done from the seed ship. Young lets him leave. As Rush makes his way to the airlock, the Kino feed is suddenly cut off. Leaving it to Park, he moves to Rush’s console so he can open the airlock. Telford decides to join the away team on the second ship.

Volker, left alone in the control room of the second ship, comes in contact with an alien. As it stares at him, a scared Volker tries to placate it but is surprised when the alien creature collapses. Calling the others, they try to help it and it recovers instantly. The away team try to give it a bit of fruit but it spits it out. Rush recommends that they search for others of its kind. Scott, Telford, and Greer split up to search, leaving Rush and TJ with Dunning and one other soldier. Scott and Telford eventually end up running into each other, while Greer finds about a dozen more open pods in another room. He radios Scott and Telford to inform them of the discovery. Using the power drawn from the second ship, the crew try to dial Earth. Just after this the alien escapes from the humans.

The remaining aliens stop the power transfer and the gate shuts down. Telford stays behind to try to reroute power as the rest of the away team makes its way back to Destiny. Somehow the ships disengage from their docking position – Telford is stranded on the second ship, alone against the aliens. Young & Rush admit that they have no way to retrieve him. Telford tells him to take care of the crew and himself. Destiny jumps to FTL, and Telford calls over the radio to see if they’re still there. Now alone, he is confronted by the aliens.