Have You Ever Been On Stage?

The first time I was on stage was when I was about 8 years old. While studying in a Kuwaiti school, I was in a play about the nation and it’s history. I was in make up and wearing an Arab dress – I was supposed to be one of the Emirs of Kuwait from their history. Basically all I had to do was stand around and then sit after my introduction was done.

A few years later I was one of the 3 wise men who go to meet Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus (who was nothing but a doll on stage). The robe that I had to wear was quite itchy and I kept scratching my left leg all throughout the play. At one time, I was flashing the school audience my entire calf & part of my thigh. And once I was also Santa in front of the whole school. That was embarrassing!

The next year when I was 13 years old, I was part of this group song thingy which I hated like hell. But a teacher who favoured me (hell, all the ladies loved me; I was a teacher’ pet) and who organized the group song activities really wanted me to be part of it. It was for the school annual day function in a hired hall and all the parents & family would be there. We were terrible and half of us would sing fast while the rest of us were much slower. There were 3 songs planned but we were so bad that the principle had the curtains pulled down after the second song.

I avoided the stage thingy for many years, other than a school play that I did at the age of 14 (that’s another blog post). Then next time was for the rock show of 3 songs we did as a band back in 2007. That was so much fun.

Tell me your stage stories.

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