Discount Coupon From Big Rock

Big Rock is an Indian based company that specializes provider of web-presence solutions to small-businesses, professionals and individuals. The fastest growing of it’s kind, they specialize in Domain registration, Web & Email Hosting, Website Builders, Digital Certificates and much more. With a proven platform that already powers over 5 million domain names worldwide, BigRock is aiming for bigger & better things.

In a step in that direction they will be soon spreading out the awareness in an effort to reach out to it’s target audience in the form of a communication campaign that comprises TV commercials, print, online and viral campaigns will be shortly unveiled pan-India. The TV Campaign goes on air from January 19th (today) on various channels including Star Movies, HBO, Set Max, Times Now, CNN IBN, CNBC and many more.

And for those of you with itchy fingers and who can’t wait to get to a desktop or laptop to, BigRock has also launched an innovative SMS service where anyone can check the availability of their desired domain name e.g. by sending it via SMS to 5607080.

The company operates out of offices in Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi and offers a sales & support team available 24/7. The core areas of the company’s activities in India will include design and product development, sales & marketing and strategic partnerships.

Now the good people at Big Rock have given me codes for discount coupons for their products: Up to 50% discount on our Hosting, Email and Do-It-Yourself Website builder products & 10% discount on all other products!

If you chose to purchase one of their products use this Reader coupon <countroshculla>

Music Is My Religion

This is a shitty world! It gets you down and it gets you wondering what the hell was I ever born for!

It can also be a great, wonderful world. Full of positive energy and good things waiting to be experienced, found, discovered and loved. You need to be in the right frame of mind and just hope for the best and face the world with a smile on your face and a rainbow in your heart. You can also use certain mediums that uplift you and can cheer you up. Like music.

I really cannot fathom a life without music, without my music anyway. What would my life till now have been like without the strumming of guitars or the pounding of drums or tickling the ivories? A much sadder life existence I can say for sure.

Helping me across this journey called life are the artists and bands that create this beautiful, bold & soul saving music. And I have 49.1 GB of music that I can listen to. 49.1 GB!! That’s a huge number for me. And can you believe at one time in 2005 all my digital music were stored on only 3 CDs of 700 MB each! I laugh at that. I’m now keeping a 120 GB drive just for the music. Always enjoy the music, keep it handy with you – mobile phones, ipods or any other mp3 player – whatever your style, keep the music blasting at all possible times.