Give The Old Ticker Another Try

Oh dear. My favourite subject. NOT! Oh dear, oh dear, I must say that I am a total hopeless romantic and tragic comic to boot. I’ve often let my heart rule my head and have paid quite the price for it. As a result I’ve ended up falling atleast a couple of times more than I should have. After all that effort still nothing to show for it.

My first girlfriend was with me for a very short time, too short to actually call it a relationship. I’ve had a long term relationship that I start when I was very young, 17 to be exact. It was quite emotionally draining and let me very wary of getting close to anyone else for a long time. I was so head over heels and she consumed my world that when it finally ended it was like the world closed in on me and I was but a shell of my former self. The scars were there for all to see.

Since that I’ve been in love twice; I’ve had some crushes and some maybes but in love twice since then. Both times there were long gaps involved. Both times I was devastated afterward and felt bitter than nothing came outta it. I’m 34 been in love, real deep love, 3 times and am still single. All I have to show for it is a broken heart. That’s when this girl came into my life. I couldn’t help liking her because she just exploded into my life. I have never met her but have spoken to her many times as she used to work in the same company but in a different city. She left the organization almost 3 months back and we had a fight towards the end of her time in the company and she left on a bitter note. I haven’t spoken to her since then but she came to chat with me last evening and then surprised me with a call to my office phone this evening.

I really like her, although I do think that she is a bit too impulsive and immature at times. Also she is 7 years younger than me, which really is difficult to overcome. But she does have a good heart and people in the office who care about me seem to like her and think that she is good for me. I’d like to be friends and maybe if something does develop then let it be so. I have my doubts and am not sure of pursuing this but she just refuses to let go. Sigh!

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