The Bold & The RIMarkable

At one stage I changed phones once every year, if not exactly at the 12 months stage. That meant that I got to try a few different phones & brands – Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola & Blackberry. A few years ago I first heard about Blackberry devices while watching an Oprah Windfrey show episode; this was before BlackBerrys were available in India. Slowly some of the Indian mobile service providers started selling them and you could also get unlocked phones that were not tied to any particular networks as well.

I’ve wanted RIM’s phones for many years. Back in 2007 I even made a new year’s resolution to get one. But they were very expensive and at my then salaries I could not afford one. I went online to check out the devices and lusted after them. I finally got one, my current phone, a BlackBerry Curve 8320, on New Year’s day 2010. I had wanted the Bold 9000 but it just was out of my reach at the time and I envied my cousin who was a proud owner of one. But I still loved my gray Curve and got good use of it since Jan 1, 2010. The model is outdated and they have stopped production of it and it’s looking like an ancient device.

It’s time to get a new phone. Once a BlackBerry addict, always a BlackBerry addict. I won’t even look at the iphones. Well to each his own. I love the Bold 9000 form factor and I would love to get one of those. Even if the 9000 is a bit outdated now and has two GSM descendants, I still like that phone. But I’ll be looking out for a good offer on either the Bold 9700 or it’s younger sister the 9780. They are really sleep looking phones. The 9700 came out in Oct 2009 (I think) and the 9780 was in Nov 2010. I’m checking out the local shops, the websites of various mobile service providers and ebay. I’m sure I’ll be changing phones in a few.