A Fictional Character Who I’d To Come Alive

Jessica Rabbit! Why? Take one look at the most dangerous curves in the history of the universe, those eyes, lips, hair and then ask me why.

Not convinced? Ok look at that bosom and those long legs that go on for miles. If you are not convinced you are either a straight woman or a gay guy! Or dead. If she come alive and sashayed her way, swinging her hips and walking (or bouncing as the case might be) her way towards me, I might get a heart attack.

But before that my eyes would bulge outta my sockets and roll out my head and do the once over her curvaceous, bodacious, babelicious body and my lips would automatically do a few wolf whistles and howling. I would clap my hands and stomp my feet and probably break a few bottles on the tables next to me in excitement.

Ofcourse I would have to beat & fend off prospective suitor for Ms. Jessica’s attentions & affection and I would not think twice before drawing blood in defense of what I think should be mine. She’s mine all mine and I will kick you ass from here till Timbuktu to ensure that she stays mine. Ofcourse when she comes alive, she will only have eyes for me.

And she will want to tease me, please me all night long!!

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10 Things I’ve Done That I Wish I Hadn’t

  • Fallen for the wrong girl back when I was 16
  • Chosen Science group instead of Arts or Commerce for college
  • Got in with the wrong crowd during my time in St.Paul’s college (long story)
  • At the age of 23-24, after being selected in the short list for a job in Bangalore, I chose not to go to that city for the final interview as I wasn’t sure that I could afford to go there and stay on my own expense while I attended the final interview. I was desperately broke then and didn’t want to risk going all the way there and staying for 2 days and then not get the job. Hindsight being 20/20, I’m sure that I would have been selected if only I had taken the plunge and gone to Bangalore at that time. It would have been worth it and my life would have been a whole lot different because of it.
  • Been as casual about my studies at the time I should have concentrated on studies
  • I wish I could have the guts to stand up to a few corporate bullies at one time when I was being harassed a lot. Now I that I have stood up and stated that I won’t take it anymore, it feels so fucking good.
  • I wish I had taken up my friend’s suggestion and moved with him and a couple of others to Goa. I was 26 and at the time it sounded risky but fun. It would have been an adventure.
  • At times I wish I hadn’t gone to the school in Thrikkakara that I joined at the age of 11. Ofcourse at that age it really isn’t my choice as I’m just a kid. But perhaps if I had voiced an opinion my dad would have put me in a different school and things would have been better. I dunno; I’m sitting on the fence for this one I guess.
  • Among a few projects, I wish I hadn’t given up on writing my novels. I had enough material for two novels and I also keep putting off my big Scifi novel. The latter is mostly the fact that the fantastic images & ideas in my brain just can’t easily be translated into words onto pages. It’s easier in images that run in my mind. However I really want to res-start the Scifi novel series. This is just for me, I don’t care if no one else likes it or it never gets read by anyone other than a handful of faithful friends.
  • Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been born!

A Labour Of Love

Yesterday morning I watched Turnabout Intruder, the very last episode from the 3 year run of Star Trek : The Original Series.With that I have completed downloading & watching the entire TOS series in chronological order. I started downloading it quite a while back, late 2009 I think. It has been a labour of love.

Although I was quite familiar with the series, I had last watched it while I was a pre-teen. I had loved and watched the movies many times but the series still remained much of a stranger to me. So I had set out to remedy this by downloading the episodes one after the other.

At certain points while watching the series I used to think that TOS was miles ahead of every other series at that point in history and even when you compare it with Scifi or even non-Scifi series made since then. Some of the concepts were very cool and quite dramatic; the idea of the status of humanity at the time of making the series was quite forward thinking and utopian in nature. And then ofcourse they had some really bad stories! Some of the fight scenes were laughable, some weapons or powers totally out there!

Often you would see Capt. Kirk and his crew meeting a planet that looks so much like Earth or Earth’s past. One or two such cases would have been fine but the way that this main concept was repeated & bandied about bored me at times. Still the show was groundbreaking and still is considered to be the ultimate Scifi series of all time, more than 40 years after the show was canceled.

May the original always shine on in our hearts and memories. I hope future generations come to watch & love the show as much as we do. Live long & prosper.

Life Turns Electric – Finger Eleven

With the released of Life Turns Electric, their 6th album, Finger Eleven has evolved their music — something that is rare amongst their peers. Last we heard of them they were basking in the success of their huge hit Paralyser of their 2007 album Them Vs You Vs Me. Like most bands, the Canadian 5 piece has changed their sound. For fans of the band (and not just a particular song or two), going along as they progress on their musical journey, you get to experience the different sound.

It certainly is Top 4o radio friendly hard rock which the group does better than most. The groove kicks in with Any Moment Now, a bit aggressive but still beat-worthy at the same time. Scott Anderson does not over do his vocals but gets it just right, starting of at a comfortable medium pace. Likeable guitar riffs are what the band does best and Pieces Fit is no exception with a very groovy lick courtesy of the duo of James Black & Rick Jackett. It’s no surprise at the prevalence of the guitars on the album since it was self-produced by the band’s guitarists but they have done a fine job. Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me is a semi-ballad is a very nice track but just falls short of being one of the very best. I feel that they should slowed down the track a lot more. By the way, I’m loving the vocals by Scott – his voice certainly has become even more of a strength for the band.

Living In A Dream is the younger sister of Paralyser and also features a very good drum+bass track. It’s a cool and could easily be a dance floor hit. Disco rock or disco metal is the name given for this time of song/music and F11 do it justice. Good Intentions kicks it off with foot tapping tune that backs the singing with a catchy underlying guitar hook. It is hard to stop bopping you head to this album as well as tapping your foot. Stone Soul does not sound like anything F11 have ever put out before. It sounds more like a pop-rock band, the kind that I do not like. This is so far the weakest song on the album. Ordinary Life follows and shatters the illusion of what F11 usually sounds like. I’m not sure I like the direction the band are heading to on the basis of these two songs. Still with “I just wish the world would sing with me sometimes” sings Anderson, and if performed live, this crowd pleasing bouncer is sure to have a venue full of people singing along, even if it’s the first time they have heard the song.

Don’t Look Down sounds a lot more like their 2003 efforts – more angst but still cool. Famous Last Words starts with a drum and base combination quietly underlying the lyrics of the verse, making the song sound like a misfit for this record, but when the chorus takes turn, the hooky guitar combined with the beat and the change of pace in lyrics snaps a breath of fresh air back into the song. I really like the mood of this song. The last song Love’s What You Left Me With finally slows down the pace, fittingly closing out an energy filled group of songs. Thematically, the song of regret over a broken relationship, is a change in mood as well. Scott Anderson sings in a much lower & mellow tone which adds a lot to this song.

One of the negatives is that the album is only 10 tracks and clocks in at just over 32 minutes. A slight disappointment, but then again, there are plenty of bands that put some filler songs on a CD just to make it longer, so it is what it is. 7.5 stars outta 10.

Talking Versus Texting: My Preference

I used to talk for hours on the telephone as a teenager. Multiple days in a week. It used to be more like a hobby. Ofcourse girls were the preferred subjects at the other end but on occasion a male friend and I would have lots to talk about. But those were rare. And yes when I was in a relationship we talked for hours at length during those few years.

I had a very close friend with whom I would also chat for an hour or so on a regular basis. That’s why it surprises me that I can’t stand to talk for more than a couple of minutes on the phone in the last few years. Let’s relook at my past – circa 2003 I started work as a call center agent. I continued that role till the end of October 2004. I was a supervisor and then trainer till my promotion to manage the training team in July 2008. And my industry is telecom from 2004 onwards! I guess that is why I have developed an allergy to phone calls. I hate phone calls unless someone is calling me to tell me some good news. Then it’s ok.

I rarely chat with anyone on the phone with a few exceptions and that is because those people are very important. Otherwise I prefer to send an SMS or text people as it is also called. You can pass the needed information that way. Or send them an email from my Blackberry that they can access on their phone. Its quick and it gets the job done. I also hate getting work related phone calls during the weekend or on a holiday and especially when I am on a sick leave. I abhor the phone at times. I avoid phone calls if I can.

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Stargate Universe : Episode 23 “Awakening”

Some of the crew are on the observation deck watching as Destiny approaches an unknown object in space. Young orders Adam Brody and Dale Volker to ready Destiny’s weapons. As they approach closer they can see that it is a ship and similar to that of Destiny, hence Ancient in origin. Even though at first it seems that the ships are on a collision course, as Rush notes, Destiny is going to dock with the other ship. Col. Young sends a team to enter the ship & explore.

With Scott & Greer leading, the away team boards the second ship. Eli, Brody & Walker follow up behind them. As the team explores, restoring power and consoles, elsewhere on the vessel, a pod opens, from which an alien hand reaches out. Meanwhile, Wray tells Young that a funeral service will be held for Riley later in the week. Young agrees to say a few words. Young walks into the control room, having been called by Eli. Eli informs him that, after checking and rechecking their findings, they have discovered that the seed ship has a sizable energy reserve, enough to dial the gate back to Earth. Rush tells Young that he needs to open certain conduits to set up a transfer, which can only be done from the seed ship. Young lets him leave. As Rush makes his way to the airlock, the Kino feed is suddenly cut off. Leaving it to Park, he moves to Rush’s console so he can open the airlock. Telford decides to join the away team on the second ship.

Volker, left alone in the control room of the second ship, comes in contact with an alien. As it stares at him, a scared Volker tries to placate it but is surprised when the alien creature collapses. Calling the others, they try to help it and it recovers instantly. The away team try to give it a bit of fruit but it spits it out. Rush recommends that they search for others of its kind. Scott, Telford, and Greer split up to search, leaving Rush and TJ with Dunning and one other soldier. Scott and Telford eventually end up running into each other, while Greer finds about a dozen more open pods in another room. He radios Scott and Telford to inform them of the discovery. Using the power drawn from the second ship, the crew try to dial Earth. Just after this the alien escapes from the humans.

The remaining aliens stop the power transfer and the gate shuts down. Telford stays behind to try to reroute power as the rest of the away team makes its way back to Destiny. Somehow the ships disengage from their docking position – Telford is stranded on the second ship, alone against the aliens. Young & Rush admit that they have no way to retrieve him. Telford tells him to take care of the crew and himself. Destiny jumps to FTL, and Telford calls over the radio to see if they’re still there. Now alone, he is confronted by the aliens.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN: Titles For A Book About Me

So if you ever want to write a book about me, here’s 11 possible titles

  • His great loves & bitter hates
  • The man, the legend, the ultimate
  • King Of Dreams
  • A Rosh by any other name…
  • For what it’s worth
  • Kuwaiti Born, Indian Reared, Universally Loved
  • You Are Only As Old As The Girls You Feel!
  • If You Smell What The Rosh Is Cooking
  • Rosh & A Hard Place
  • Weapon Of Mass Seduction
  • Sex, Drug & Roshan n’Roll

Served Any Which Way You Like

There’s nothing I like having for breakfast more than a big omelette. There’s a lot that you can do with two eggs cooked as an omelette. There’s so much stuff that you can add. The normal, usual plain ones that I get are usually just two eggs with a bit of chopped onions and green chilly added to the mix. Nothing fancy but it’s reliable and quick to make. With some toasted bread you can eat it as sandwiches and that serves as the fuel for the rest of the day.

My uncle taught me how adding a little milk into the pan just after the beaten eggs are poured in, gives the omelette a whole new taste and smell. If you are hungry, getting a whiff of the milk cooking with the eggs increases your hunger and you will be left drooling for a bite of the omelette. Trust me – I was skeptical of adding the milk until I smelled and then tasted the eggs. Hmmmm, mmm!

And now stuffings! What to add to an omelette to make it even more delicious and more of a meal? Chopped up tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, garlic, cheese and some veggies. You can also use chopped up meat – beef, ham, pork, lamb or chicken. At one of the bars I go, they make rather excellent chicken omelettes which go very well with some cold beer. Those are rather fine. But anyway you make them, omlettes are the ultimate breakfast.

What My Home Says About Me

I currently live in a small 3 bedroom apartment in Kacheripady with my parents, into which we moved back in 2006 September. So for one it says that I need to move out as soon as I can. One of the bedrooms, the smallest one, is converted to a semi storage room (there’s plenty of space kept like lofts for storage and also has a big shelf for books and other stuff, an ironing board and it’s also where my mom prays. Small but it serves multi purposes.

On it’s left side is the second bathroom, which is what I use for my purposes. It’s not attached or on suite as some people call it and that has it’s disadvantages. And on the right side of that ‘common room’ is my parent’s bedroom, which does have an on suite bathroom. The room is pretty small; it has a steel cupboard and a queen size bed that’s it. Just enough space to walk around the bed. It also has a row of 4 windows.

Next to that is the kitchen, small but more than enough for us. The living room/dinning room is too small but that means that you have great viewing angles from the dining table. We have a 2 seat sofa on one side with a matching 3 seat on the other. On the end near the door we have the big tv and directly opposite the tv are two arm chair sofas. We also have a balcony, enough space for a few small pots, clothes to be hung for drying and when the clothes are not put on the peg, we can also keep a couple of chairs there to watch the sunset.

And then tada we have my bedroom. Its on the right side of the bathroom and my door faces the door of the common room. Ofcourse I have the queen size bed, a small table on which my laptop, speakers, some dvds, 3 external hard drives and various other stuff rests. I also have a steel cupboard in my bedroom and a round clothes rack and a couple of chairs. And that’s about it.

So it’s pink, small but very practical, lets in a lot of light & breeze but mosquitoes too! Its cramped and you don’t get much privacy, you can hear people talking in the living room from everywhere else in the apartment. but it’s home. And I’m liking spending a lot of time here especially if I am alone.

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If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine…

Time machines have always been on lots of people’s wish list for a gadget that they could own\create. Imagine being able to go back in time to rectify a mistake, a decision that you could change or do something that you missed. If everyone would be able to do that then the world would have changed considerable and I think it might be for the better.

Remember those harsh words that you said to a friend or a lover? Remember how things changed considerably between you after that? Do you wish that you could take back those words? A loved one who you had a falling out with lay dying and you couldn’t reach in time to talk to them one final time and sort things out before their last breath. Do you wish you could have spoken to them? Do you wish you could have gotten on that train/plane and went to wherever you wanted to go but your stubbornness prevented you from doing so? Or do you want to go back in time to prevent a death, a devastating accident or disaster?

These are the main reasons why I would want to go back in time. And then are the others; like meeting someone fascinating from the past or the future. I would want to see what life would be like in 2500 or 3000 or thousands of years beyond that. Does that Star Trek life come to be a reality – come on you know that’s what we’re gonna be living like eventually. Things are pointing in that direction anyway. Or will it be a complete opposite – will wars, religious fundamentalists, territorial disputes, rich vs poor divides, famine and drought take over to create a virtual hell on earth? Will we ever find alien life forms, form alliances or enemies, travel to distant planets and stars and create new civilizations? I would like to get a glimpse of them all.

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Arsenal 3 Birmingham 0

I missed this game on January 1st as I got the timings mixed up. But Arsenal stayed in touch with both Manchester based clubs at the top of the league, just two points above, with a 3-0 win over Birmingham City. Robin van Persie gave Arsenal the lead with a deflected free-kick.  The Dutchman should have then doubled it with a chip, and was almost made to pay when Roger Johnson fired over. But Samir Nasri scored his 13th goal of the season before fine interplay between the Frenchman and Cesc Fabregas saw Johnson skew into his own net.

Seven points out of possible nine for Arsene Wenger’s team over the festive period will breathe confidence into a team which faces Manchester City on Wednesday and will be eyeing the title with added fervour as 2011 begins. Arsenal ave 39 points while their North London rivals Tottenham have 36 points. Chelsea are at 5th spot with 34 points. Struggling Liverpool have only 25 points and hence at 9th place.

Stay At Home Cause Monday Will Suck

I’ve become such a stay at home dull boy. Mainly during the weekends. The last few weekends I have stayed at home for the entire duration, even when I’ve had 2 days off instead of just 1. And I complain about not having much of a social life! Usually when I just get the Sunday off, I choose to stay indoors and not go out because, well, you need the Sunday of rest to recover from the past 6 days of working stress and strain. Seems sensible right? But these last few weeks whenever I’ve had the alternate Saturdays off as well, I have still chosen to remain in the apartment for 2 days and not going – at all.

I hate Mondays. They just suck. I can’t remember a Monday that has been good. Atleast not when I am working. Ok, maybe my last birthday which was on a Monday but I don’t think it counts as people go out of their way to make you feel special on that day. Mondays always suck!

Here is a Tagxedo created on the words in my blog. I think it looks cool. Try it out yourself.

Robin Hood (2010 Movie)

I was never a fan of Russell Crowe but I gotta say that I truly did like this movie. Directed by Ridley Scott and based on the English legend we all know and love. Starring Crowe as Robin Longstride who becomes Robin of Loxley aka Robin Hood, Cate Blanchette as Marion, William Hurt as William Marshall, Max Von Sydow as Sir Walter Loxley, Kevin Durand as Little John, Mark Addy as Friar Tuck & Great Big Sea frontman Alan Doyle as Allan A’dayle.

The battle scenes between the French and the Englishmen are wonderfully shot and planned out. The castles shown in the movie seem like the authentic thing and the fighting as realistic as possible with all those primitive weapons. Ofcourse it being Robin Hood I wanted to see some bows and arrows and man was I pleased. You get some of the best archery scenes ever to come out in a movie.

This movie brings out things about Robin Hood that I did not know of – if it is actual legend and not just based on the actual legend for the benefit of this movie. Like I didn’t know that Maid Marion was another man’s wife and that Robin has to pretend to be Robert of Loxley, who died in an ambush. People don’t know that it is an impersonator, as Robert has been away fighting the French for 10 years. Robin is asked by a dying Robert to return his father’s sword to his blind father, Sir Walter.

Plus, I though that the Sheriff of Nottingham was to be the main antagonist of the Robin Hood saga but in this movie he is nothing more than a pest, initially, to Marion and then more of a joke. Marion & Robin begin an unlikely romance and she also joins him in battle, without his consent ofcourse. The final battle scenes are a thrill to watch and in the end, even though the French are defeated and forced to retreat, King John of England see Robin as a threat to his power and declare him and his men to be outlaws. In response to this, Robin moves to Sherwood Forest with Lady Marian and his friends to form what will become the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest.

Fine movie, made on a budget of $155 mil. and as of date has made about $311.6 mil as gross revenue. I really enjoyed it, 8/10.

Happy 4th Blogaversary

Well I never would have guessed it but yeah Awake & Dreaming is officially 4 years old today. Exactly on this day back in 2007 I created & setup this blog here.

I can still remember installing WordPress over here, it took me almost the entire evening to setup the entire thing. A cousin of mine guided me over the phone and on chat, helping me through the steps. I remember being very proud and happy when the entire thing was completed successfully.

As far as blogs go, this is a daily blog with multiple entries on most days. I have missed very days and the longest was the 3 week gap earlier in 2010 due to the fact that my computer crashed and I waited 3 weeks to buy a laptop. I didn’t feel like blogging from the office as the art of blogging became a very personal thing for me and I usually need to be secluded in my room before my fingers can do the typing.

Over these past few years my blog has become my outlet and my solace from this world. I would like to thank those handful of my regular readers who have stuck by me over this time. Thank you, I blog for you and me.