Pizza With The Car Mates

1st of March, the start of a brand new month. Salary has arrived to replenish the previous stocks and supply new life into the minds & bodies of people who draw a salary. Depending on the kind of people, either people go shopping for the rest of the month, buy new outfits, or treat themselves or in some cases people go get drunk in a nice bar. I usually do not have much of a routine and usually play it by ear.

One of the habits I have tried to establish is to pay of my major bills on the 1st of each month. My big bills are usually my phone bill & my internet bill. While the latter is fixed for every month at a little less than Rs.900, the former tends to fluctuate from a minimum of Rs. 900 to a maximum of Rs. 1800, depending on how many STD calls & text messages that I have sent. I’ve also used unlimited internet on my Blackberry for a couple of scattered months and hence the bill tends to change accordingly as the rent for that also adds up to my usual bill. Currently I am only using a minimum BlackBerry plan that offers me email & chat services but no browsing. Anyway, I’ll probably pay off these bills by tomorrow morning.

So, as my final week at my current office winds down, I went about closing my final reports & review ppts before I closed shop on my 4 year tenure at the office, I feel like a football player or an NHL player who gets traded or whose contract runs out. A few weeks back Amritha from HR had treat me, her boss Prakash & Lineesh from logistics to dinner at Dominos at their Palarivattom branch. I had wanted to do the same. The three of us usually head for home in Prakash’s car and we’ve more of less had settled as travel mates for atleast part of the journey on our respective ways home. So this evening we headed for Dominos and had some pizza and a chocolate lava cake. Good eats and good times with good friends. It’s a thank you for all the times we’ve had.

Tomorrow me and my team head out for a little road trip.

My Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

Here’s my take on Valentines day and it’s basically the same as a lot of people who I know. This is a day created by makers of greeting cards, gift manufactures, chocolate & confectionery companies. Shops, online or in person, also latch onto this day and have made it a marketing gimmick in so much that it’s all about getting a discount/special offer for the consumer and making a profit for the companies. That in itself isn’t such a bad thing: I mean it isn’t only the Ferengis of the Star Trek world who love a good profit and who on earth doesn’t like a good offer on goods?

When I was a teenager, I yearned for the time when I would actually have a Valentine and could share this time with. At the age of 17 I had a gf and we shared a lot of gifts & cards on Valentine’s day. I even went to the extent of making an elaborate & stylistically pleasing series of cards, each one leading onto the other, at one point. I can be quite creative when I put my mind & heart to it and I was all that and more. I also remember getting the absolutely biggest Valentine card by this same ex back in 1996. It was a lot of fun.

Years later I have often thought that why must there be only a single day out of the entire year that you get to express your undying love for your gf, spouse, significant other? Is that all they are worth? I like the corny & silly but still knock-out answer of ‘honey, every day is Valentine’s day with you?” Ofcourse this only works if your spouse/gf does not a close girlfriend who she shares stories with. And if that girl/woman has just had an elaborate multi-course dinner, lots of bubbly, gifts, flower petals and the works done for her by her significant other – you are done for! Your gf/spouse is now gonna use you for target practise.

Ok, coming back to the topic at hand, I do not think such a day is necessary as long as you allow the romantic devil in you to occasionally show himself and treat your spouse to a little nice something. Maybe once a month or so, just to keep the fires burning. That actually makes more sense and means more.

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