Letter To The Weather

Dear weather

I like the big blue sky. I really, really do. Its so beautiful to look at and if you can afford a view from the top of a really tall building then the sky seems an endless ocean of blue. Infact today on my way to the Kaloor bus stop to board a fast passenger bus to Koratty, I looked up and even from the road all I could see was an endless blue blanket. However can you do something about this fucking heat? The sun has been merciless since the past few days and he is intent on warming up everything on the poor land. Boiling hot, it is difficult to walk more than 50 feet without sweating up a bucket full.

As soon as I did reach the bus stop, I needed a cold drink. On the little over 1 hour ride on the bus, all I could think about was drinking water. Unfortunately our office is still completing work and hence no water. I had to wait till 1:45 pm to get some water and a lemonade. I washed my face and neck with water a few times but the sun has warmed up the water in the pipes too. Disgusting! The two bottles of cold water we bought at lunch did help but what was worse that the air conditioner was a bit faulty and took more than 3 hours to start working properly.

So if you could send it a nice cold breeze or some lovely rain my way that would so awesome. Cause if you don’t you are nothing but a dweeb and a loser and I hate you sucker!

Thanks & Love