Do You Feel Younger/Older Than You Really Are?

It so depends. When I am in the company of people younger than me, like 25-19, I feel so ancient. At those times I talk of 1987 and 1985 as if they were during the dark ages. I feel like a daddy at those times and talk like I’ve been changing their diapers for ages. I even tell them that. Like the sweet girl who works in recruitment for my previous company – she even calls me pappa and I treat her like she is a small kid. This comes rather naturally for me.

Well when you are 34 and all them whippersnappers are over 10 years younger than you, what else will you do? However at times I feel that I should actually be much younger, just a little past the kid stage. When a longing comes in my heart, I am a eager & young as a teenager. I even look younger at those times (according to people who are close to me). A few people have not felt that I am my age, in looks as well, which is downright flattering but I think I do look my age and so is that a bad observation on their part?

So in conclusion, it differs for me as to whether I feel older or younger than I really at, depending on who I am with, where I am, what I am doing and what the situation is all about. But then you can’t forget my life philosophy – You are only as old as the girls you feel!!!!

So bring on the 16 year old hot cheerleader gals, baby!

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