The Missing Ship & Crew Found

With all the devastation & loss caused by the biggest tsunami to hit the country of Japan, all eyes were on the death toll. And as much as the stories of tragic deaths, loss of property & the bravery of the Japanese, as is inevitable because it’s always in the midst of a true crisis that the true spirit of human beings always shines at it’s best, one story struck me with the hardest impact. It was the one about the missing ship.

On the 11th of March, a Japanese coast guard official confirmed that a search was under way for a ship carrying 80 dock workers that was swept away when a tsunami struck the northeastern coast. The vessel was washed away from a shipbuilding site in Miyagi Prefecture. That’s the area most affected by the massive offshore earthquake on Friday. But on the 12th, In the midst of all the death and destruction left in the wake of the 30-foot wall of water that ravaged northern Japan, there was at least one piece of good news. The ship feared lost at sea was been found with all 80 crew aboard alive. Naval and coast guard helicopters safely airlifted the 81 aboard to safety.

I thought that they were all goners when I first heard of that story. I would never have thought that the crew would ever make it back alive after being swept away from a building. But they were and that’s amazing.