How To Spend $1000 / Rs.44830 In An Hour

Ok first of all let me tell you that at the current rates, 1 US dollar is 44.83 rupees. So if I’m getting $1000 that’s equal to Rs.44,830. Cool, nice bit of change. I can spend it in an hour or less. Fine, here’s what I would do:

First thing is that I would go and get me what I have been dreaming about for the past couple of months. Upgrading my BlackBerry from a Curve 8320 which I currently own to either a Bold 9780 or a Torch. Damn that would so cool and I would really be so happy with either.

Ok, I guess I might stick to the Bold 9780 which can cost me around 22 to 23k and the rest I can spend on getting a table, chair, bed and stuff for my new place. That should do it. That will be the practical part of the spending and I really will need that stuff and will use it for a long, long time.

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2011 Juno Awards – Winners

For those of you who do not know, the Junos are Canada’s answer for the Grammy’s and it’s usually for Canadian artists and production. I feel like I can watch a Juno award and enjoy it more than the Grammys because the former features a lot of my fav musicians & singers. Canada being a country of 33 million, can still showcase an award show and you are sure to get mostly the top grade stuff that they have to offer and still like them enough.

Over the years I’ve paid more attention to the Junos and enjoyed most of their live performances cause I usually like the bands that do come for this show. The 40th Juno awards were held in Toronto yesterday and among the winners were:

  • Fan Choice Award – Justin Beiber
  • Single of the year  – Wavin Flag by Young Artists For Haiti
  • Album of the year – The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
  • Artist of the year – Neil Young
  • Group of the year – Arcade Fire
  • Songwriter of the year – Arcade Fire
  • Adult Alternative album of the year – Le Noise by Neil Young
  • Alternative album of the year – the Suburbs by Arcade Fire
  • Pop Album – My World 2.0 by Justin Beiber
  • Rock Album – Vancouver by Matthew Good
  • Producer of the year – Daniel Lanois
  • Music DVD of the year – Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage