Thrashers Sold To TNSE & To Relocate To Winnipeg

Fifteen years after losing their beloved NHL franchise the Jets, Winnipeg rejoices as NHL hockey is returning to the Manitoba capital. The True North Sports and Entertainment group announced on Tuesday that they have completed a deal to purchase the Atlanta Thrashers and move them to Winnipeg in time for the 2011-12 season.

The sale is still pending NHL Board of Governors approval, which should occur on June 21 when the board meets in New York. The transfer of ownership requires 75 percent approval from the Board while relocation only needs a majority result. Both True North and the Atlanta Spirit ownership group signed off on the deal that had been in the works for several weeks. Legal teams representing the Spirit group, along with teams from True North and the National Hockey League spent Monday night and Tuesday morning completing the final details of the purchase. The franchise price is $170 million, which includes a relocation fee of $60 million. As determined by the NHL Board of Governors, the relocation fee will be distributed among the other 29 teams.

The team will play out of the MTS Centre, which opened in 2004 and has a capacity of just over 15,000 seats. With a population of 762,600, Winnipeg will be the smallest market among the 30 NHL cities. The team immediately announced a season-ticket sales campaign in which they will attempt to reach 13,000 subscribers in a drive that begins on Wednesday. A nickname for the team has not yet been selected although overwhelming sentimental support is to get the Jets name back. The Winnipeg/Manitoba Falcons or Bears have also been suggested and are the 2nd & 3rd options at the moment.

What I’m Saving Up To Buy

I would definitely want to get an upgrade on my BlackBerry. I love BlackBerry and on Jan 1st 2010 was when I bought my first one – a Curve 8320. Even at the time that I had bought it, it was outdated as RIM had already released 4 or 5 more later models. But I was in a crunch due to money and I could afford the 8320 but not the other models. So I opted for it and still love the phone, christened Cindy (after two curvy evergreen women – Crawford & Margolis).

So I would like to get either the BlackBerry Bold 9780 or the Torch. I love both phones and I’m hit by envy every time I see it being used by someone or see a pic/video clip of it. Everytime I see someone using especially the white Bold 9700/9780, I just drool – ok in one case it was also because the lady holding it was a total babe! But you get the picture.

A cousin of mine has the Torch and he advises me to get that one but I am not sure that I want to spend that much money on a phone. Atleast not at the current salary bracket that I am in. The only time I have bought something that costs more than what I make, is when I bought my Lenovo G550 and that was a critical purchase. But I would love to own a Torch.

Also, as stated earlier, I am also looking out for a netbook, mostly for work purposes. I would love to get an HP or Dell or any good brand that has a reliable & sleek looking netbook. It would so help me at work at the moment.

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Stargate Universe : Episode 26 ‚ÄúTrial And Error‚ÄĚ

The signs of his infection having dissipated, Mathew Scott is allowed to return to active duty by Col. Young. However Chloe has a growth on her leg which is getting larger. Ginn is introduced to Eli by Camile, hoping that the former’s year spent studying Ancient Technology along with Eli’s work can yield some desirable results. Eli is stunned to hear Ginn’s theory of dialing the Stargate while Destiny is recharging in a star, thereby making it possible for the ship to get enough power to dial Earth. Ginn and Eli are to work together on this project.

Col. Young meanwhile has been drinking heavily in his quarters. He starts getting hallucinations of the blue aliens appearing in large number of ships and demanding to have Chloe handed over to them. Once he wakes up he gets the scientists to work on bringing 6 gun batteries online. Ginn & Eli seem to be developing a bond with each other, watched by Greer. After having another hallucination/dream of the aliens blowing up Destiny, Young approaches Wray for consultation. Both realize that sooner or later Chloe’s condition will force Young to get rid of her if it can’t be cured.

In the mess hall Greer says that he will make it easier for Eli to spend some alone time with Ginn and that Eli should man up and make his move. While they are alone, Eli opens up about his mother’s health situation and his feelings about being so far away from her at this time. They grow closer and Ginn kisses Eli. Meanwhile, Young has secluded himself in his quarters, believing that the ship wants him to replaced from in command and offers to step down. It takes an emotional talk down from Scott to dissuade him and Young takes back control, which reassures most of the military personnel onboard. Rush manages to get Destiny back into FTL.


With the onset of the monsoon, I can say goodbye to hot, sweaty nights and say hello to much cooler & windy nights & days and getting drenched a few times here and there. With that, I give you my 11 songs with RAIN in the title.

  • November Rain – Guns n’Roses
  • Crying In The Rain – A-ha
  • I Wish It Would Rain Down – Phil Collins
  • Paper Rain – Amanda Stott
  • No Rain – Blind Melon
  • Rain Will Fall – I Mother Earth
  • Another Rainy Night – Queensryche
  • Tears In The Rain – Joe Satriani
  • Rained Out Parade – Wide Mouth Mason
  • After The Rain – Nelson
  • Alice In Chains – Rain When I Die

And before he says anything, Manoj sorry I could not add your life theme song It’s Raining Men!

Rather here is a live performance of Queensryche’s Another Rainy Night! Enjoy

Reader’s Poll: Which Netbook To Purchase?

Ok now, I just need some help – netbooks; which one to get. The reason is two fold – my friend wants to get one but neither he nor I has no idea which one to go for. I would also like one for work purposes (lugging around my heavy but budget friendly Lenovo G550 is hard on my shoulder).

At my previous company, I noticed a lot of Samsung netbooks that were given to managers, DGMs, GMs and so on. I only got to the AM level before I left so never got to use the Samsung :).

Usage on the netbook will be very basic stuff : internet browsing, emails, some light Excel, Word & Powerpoint work and playing videos that will need to be displayed via a projector to a larger screen. Wieght & portability is a huge factor in getting one and I want a 10 inch screen. Which one would you guys suggest?

Please vote and click here to see the poll results. Last date is 30th June.

It’s Canucks vs Bruins

Well in just a few days, June 1st to be exact, the 2011 Stanley Cup finals will be played out between the Western Conference Champions the Vancouver Canucks and the Eastern Conference Champions the Boston Bruins. Two teams with a lot to prove – the Bruins who haven’t tasted champagne from Lord Stanley’s bowl since their 1972 victory and the Canucks who have, well, never won the cup ever. They have come close twice, in 1982 and 1994 as the losing finalist. The Bruins have never been in the final since 1990. So what’s in store for fans of the NHL?

Plenty of offense and action and I expect a few hits & maybe some long penalty minutes.

Vancouver has the Sedin twin, Henrik & Daniel, who hit their stride in the Western Conference finals against the San Jose Sharks, after being much maligned for lack of points during the previous two rounds. With Alexandre Burrow as their center, this is a potent & lethal first line when it gets going. Doing a superb job is the second line with Ryan Kesler, flanked by Mason Raymond & Chris Higgins. Vancouver also got a boost when defensive forward Manny Malhotra was declared fit to play in the finals after missing the playoffs uptil now due to an eye injury which require surgery. With goalie Roberto Luongo ably protect by the likes of Kevin Bieksa, Dan Hamhuis, Christian Ehrhoff and Alexander Edler the defencemen have also provided some offensive punch from the back end.

Big bad Boston has the likes of Milan Lucic, Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci & Nathan Horton leading the offense. Rookie Tyler Seguin & Michael Ryder have also contributed with 3 goals & 3 assists a piece in the last round itself. And the amazing story for the Bruins is 43 year young Mark Recchi who still contributes to the offense at his age. Goalie Tim Thomas guards the pipes with captai Zdeno Chara, Andrew Ference, Johnny Boychuck, Dennis Sidenberg & Tomas Kaberle blocking shots & killing penalty minutes.

It should be a good finals. I’m supporting the Canucks and I predict that they will win in 6 games. Here’s the schedule for the finals.

Wednesday, June 1 at Vancouver, 8 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
Saturday, June 4 at Vancouver, 8 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
Monday, June 6 at Boston, 8 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
Wednesday, June 8 at Boston, 8 p.m. VERSUS, CBC, RDS
*Friday, June 10 at Vancouver, 8 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
*Monday, June 13 at Boston, 8 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS
*Wednesday, June 15 at Vancouver, 8 p.m. NBC, CBC, RDS

Rainy Day Sunday

Finally it has rained and rained a lot. Last evening’s heat & humidity was a clear indication that rain was on the way but it was little help as I sweated in my room. Downing lots of cold water (filled bottles and throwing them into the freezer on a regular basis) to keep myself cool and washing my face and arms at regular intervals was just interludes to sweating bullets as the hours went by. Pretty soon though a light breeze started creeping through my windows and things started cooling up a lot more. Just around dinner time it started raining, just enough to bring the light breeze but not nearly at the standards that I like. The power did go out for a bit, maybe 30 minutes because everyone knows that KSEB is wimpy little state run organization, incapable of proper running the power supply. I had dinner with my mom and then settled down to watch a movie (Weekend At Bernie’s, whoo 80s comedy movies).

I went to sleep around 1am but was woken up at around 5 am wit h the sound of thunder & heavy rain pouring down on the city. Yes – for the rains, no – for the thunder/lightning. I was sure that the power would go off for a bit once again and yes it did. Just a little breeze is enough for that to happen. I slept late till almost 9:45 am, woke up and got some coffee. I wanted to go out and by 11:30 am I was showering, shaving and getting ready to go out. The power goes out – fucking again! Luckily being a Sunday, my clothes were all ironed as the ironing people come in to collect your clothes only on Sundays. So I dressed and left the apartment. It was getting quite warm once again and lugging my heavy laptop & bag wasn’t helping.

My destination was Coffee Cube on Convent junction for a light snack, some cold coffee and their free wifi. I settled for a shake with Black Current flavour instead and am chilling at the cafe, cool as a cucumber and enjoying watching the rain, which is back again, fall on Cochin city. I don’t want to eat lunch here; the weather is perfect for some vodka and chicken and after I go for a little shopping, that’s exactly what I want to go and get.

The Mist

Based on a novella of the same name by Stephen King, The Mist is a good horror movie with a lot of tension & darkness along with psychological effects of when people are pushed to the brink of death. The film is written and directed by¬†Frank Darabont, who had previously adapted Stephen King’s works The Green Mile & The Shawshank Redemption. All the actors in this ensemble cast have done a find job including¬†Thomas Jane,¬†Marcia Gay Harden,¬†Laurie Holden,¬†Samuel Witwer,¬†Toby Jones,¬†Nathan Gamble,¬†Andre Braugher, and¬†Frances Sternhagen. Although the movie has a different ending than the book, King was quite pleased with the movie’s ending.

After a violent storm in which a tree falls through and breaks a window to their house writer David Drayton, his wife Stephani & son Billy see an unusual mist across the lake from their house. The next day David & Billy go to the town for supplies giving their neighbour Brent a lift along the way. All across the community power has been lost, including at the huge supermarket where the three have gone to by supply. Suddenly a man comes running in with blood on his face, warning the people of something dangerous lurking in the oncoming mist. Everyone rushes into the store and the doors & windows are closed tight. However one man steps out to his car and soon his screams are heard.

After a set of tremors, Mrs. Carmody, a religious fanatic, starts to go on about the Armageddon and how God is punishing them for their sins. A crying woman says that she must get home to her two small children and seeing that no one is willing to help her, she ventures out on her own. Later while some of them are exploring the back of the store, a creature with huge tentacles attacks them through a partially opened shutter and drags off the bag boy. Scared the patrons & the staff start barricading the doors & windows with whatever they can find, including huge sacks of dog food. While trying to retrieve a shotgun from his car, another man is severed in half by an unseen creature.

By night a bunch of huge bugs, attracted by the store lights land on the store’s glass and pterodactyl-like animals pluck them off of the full-length windows, eventually breaking one and allowing the insects in. As a result two poeple die in the ensuing attack, and another¬† is badly burned. During the attack, an insect lands on Mrs. Carmody, but flies away instead of giving her a fatal sting. She makes a few other believe it to be a sign that God has designated her to lead the unfaithful to salvation – perhaps by a human sacrifice. David and a group of volunteers try to retrieve medical supplies for the severely burned Joe Eagleton from the pharmacy next door, but are attacked by spider-like creatures that spray acidic webbing that melts through clothing and flesh. The webbing kills Joe’s brother Bobby and Mike Hatlen. They discover a U.S. Army¬†MP encased in webbing, along with other soldiers; he tries to warn them but his body suddenly bursts open and baby spider creatures flow out of his gutted body and begin feeding on the dead volunteers. Because of the failed expedition, Carmody’s following grows stronger, with a visibly shaken Jim becoming one of her most vocal advocates.

They find two soldiers who had committed suicide in the store and the 3rd soldier is beaten for an answer. Pleading for his life, the private reveals that the Arrowhead project – rumored to be an attempt to look into¬†other dimensions – was the likely origin of the mist. At Carmody’s command, Jessup becomes a human sacrifice and is stabbed before he is thrown outside, where he is destroyed by an enormous,¬†mantis-like creature. David and his group decide to make a break from the store in the morning, taking food and a weapon but are accosted by Mrs. Carmody and her followers who demand that Billy be made a sacrifice. The store’s assistant manager who is with David’s group shoots Carmody dead, stunning her followers and the group make a run for a car. On their way 3 are killed by the creatures and only David, his son, Amanda and 2 elderly people make it to the car. They drive away fending off some of the creatures but come to see only death & destruction.

David drives by his house and his wife dead and they head south, eventually running out of gas. David has the gun with just 4 bullets and the 4 adults decide that death by the gun is better than having to face the creatures. David volunteers to kill all 4 and saddened then opens the car door to face whatever creature may come by. A loud approaching noise turns out to be army vehicles with soldiers in suits and flame throwers. As the mist clears, several trucks, filled with soldiers and survivors, pass David. Among the survivors is the woman from the supermarket that no one would help, and her two young children. Realizing that they were that close to rescue and that he killed his own son, David falls to his knees, screaming, while two soldiers look on in confusion.

With that wicked, twisted ending the director has given a movie which rely more on the strengths of the actors rather than the CGI monsters (some of the effects are poor) and devoid of gore for the sake of gore, this is a movie that you can watch and enjoy. 8 outta 10.

Some Down Time, Some Me Time

Night shifts are a drag. Making me feel like a vampire, if vampire could stand to be around till 7am. It means no evening outings and hardly any social life. I’ve missed a couple of events due to my new work shift and had to be at the office while family & friends partied hard. On the days that I work I am too tired to do anything else as sleep is patch at best and it leaves me feeling tired all day, with a stiff back, puffy eyes and a lazy feeling.

So I do not feel like going out. Ofcourse because I reach back to my area at around 8am, I can’t go for an after work beer or even a coffeeshop – well the coffeeshop is a possibility but not the beers or drinks. But even if I could go out in the morning hours after work, the same as I could if it was in the evening, I can’t expect to have my friends along with me. If I were to go out I have to do it alone. Well thats ok. So I did, before heading to the bus stop and catching a bus to the office, I went to Cafe Coffee Day in Shenoy’s junction and relaxed for about 45 minutes.

I had a sandwich and a nice big cold frappe and chilled out in the cafe and doing some people watching. Ok, alright! I was ogling some pretty girls the whole time I was there. Then I went to the bus stand and waited for my bus to take me to Thrissur Infopark. Tomorrow I want to go shopping for some shirts as well. I need new threads.

I Play The Blues, Call Me Mr. Bluesman


Well here’s something from a few years ago. I believe this is from March 2007 and it was taken on on my old Motorola Razor’s 1.3 mp camera and just before I sold the phone and got a Samsung. It’s a motorized dummy/doll whatever you want to call it, of a Blues dude, probably modeled after the Blues Brothers hanging on a counter in a music store in Cochin. If you press a button the figure would move and play you a Blues ditty on the harmonica he has with him. If I am right there were a few tunes built into the machine and it would play one at random when you pressed the button.

I loved the little dude and would have loved to own one but he wasn’t for sale. A few months later when I went to the same store and didn’t see him. I asked around and found out that he was broken and they couldn’t get him fixed. Such a shame! Play a song for me Mr. Bluesman!

My Favorite Way To Start the Day

Best way to start the day, once the initial toilet rituals are done, is to get yourself a hot cup of milk laced coffee. Get up, wash your face, brush your teeth and relieve yourself. Come out and get the morning paper. Switch on the laptop and play a selected song. Open the windows and let the morning breeze come in and wash over your face. Take a long sip of coffee….ahhh!

I usually have a separate list of songs that I want to play first thing in the morning. Songs like ‘Baba O’Reilly” by the Who or something by Ron Korb or Jesse Cook. These make the morning a wonderful event and altogether more perfect that usual. Reading the sports news & scores is also a mandatory event to start my day. I like to put my feet up and watch some football or ice hockey highlights on Youtube while sipping the coffee.

The perfect end to the start of a day is ofcourse to have a nice breakfast. I prefer a sandwich – bread & jam or bread with tomatoes, onions & cucumbers or with a special chammandi spread. Then it’s on to face whatever the day has in store for me. Bring it on!

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At one time I was a huge Keifer Sutherland fan. I never was into 24 and hence kinda lost track of him in and didn’t watch many movies of his that he made since 2000 – with exception to Phone Booth & Taking Lives, two movies in which his physical appearance is minimum. So it was good to find a copy of Mirrors, a 2008 movie based on a 2003 Korean horror movie, and directed by Utsav Maheshwari & Alexandre Aja. Paula Patton as Amy Carson, Amy Smart as Angela Carson & Mary Beth Peil as Anna Esseke also star.

The movie starts off with a security guard running through a subway station. He then enters a room, looks at his reflection in a mirror & starts begging for his life. The reflection then cuts his throat with a knife, killing the security guard! Ben Carson, (Keifer) a suspended police officer, now working as a night security guard at the Mayflower, a luxury department store that has been gutted by fire and shuttered for close to a decade. The building still contains numerous mirrors from the store. He starts seeing things that look different in mirror reflections than they actually are – a closed door looks to be open in the mirror. Initially he shrugs it off as hallucinations. He finds the previous guard’s wallet in which ‘Esseker’ is written on a paper and after seeing he guard’s death photos begins to think that the mirrors are causing people to kill themselves.

While he investigates, his sister is killed while in the bath tub – her reflection taking a life of it’s own, rips open her jaw and the same thing happens to her in the tub. A distraught Ben destroys a couple of the mirrors at the Mayflower and sees ‘Esseker’ written behind one. He also finds a room in which a single chair is surrounded by mirrors on all sides. Using his contact at the police station, Ben is able to trace the name Anna Esseker, a patient of the psychiatric hospital. She was twelve years old at the time she died in a mass suicide. Around this time, Ben’s estranged wife Amy, finds their son Michael’s reflection behaving strangely and scared she calls Ben. Together they paint all the mirrors and reflective surfaces in the house.

Further investigation reveals that Anna is infact not dead but was treated as a child for acute schizophrenia. Sent to a hospital, she was treated by a doctor, who’s method was to confine Anna to a chair surrounded by mirrors, believing this would cure her schizophrenia by forcing her to confront her own reflection. Ben is told by her brother that when she returned, apparently cured, strange things started to happen with the mirrors in their home. As a result they sent her to a convent, Saint Augustine’s Monastery, where mirrors are forbidden. Upon visiting Anna at the convent, Ben is informed by Anna that she was in fact possessed by a demon which was pulled from her and became trapped in the mirrors. Ben threatens Anna at gunpoint and brings her back to the room with the mirrors.

At Ben’s home Paula finds the house filled with water and Michael’s reflection in the water attacking her and then later Michael is pulled into the water. At the mirrored room the lights begin to flicker and the building begins to shake as the demons in the mirrors are released. They repossess Anna and all the mirrors in the Mayflower explode. Simultaneously, Michael is released from the demon’s grip and Amy is able to pull him to safety. Ben is then attacked by the repossessed Anna. He manages to kill her igniting a nearby gas line, setting off a huge explosion. The old building collapses, killing the demon, and trapping Ben under the ceiling as he rushes toward the exit.

Ben pulls himself out of the rubble and sees police & firemen all around the Mayflower but no one seems to notice Ben. He sees a name tag shown in reverse like he is seeing it’s reflection in a mirror or if he was in a mirror. He comes upon a mirrored surface in the city and fails to see his own reflection as he reaches out to touch it. He realizes that he was crushed to death under the rubble and is now trapped in the mirror world, yet in our world we see a hand print appear on the glass surface. Ben cannot escape.

Scary in a few places the movie does however disappoint overall. I’d give it a 6 outta 10.

Letter To The Woman In My Bus

This blog post goes out to the woman I see everyday in the return bus home from work:

I guess I’ve stated this earlier but, I take a bus from Koratty (my work place) to Angamaly and from the Angamaly bus stand I board an orange low-floor ac Volvo bus that starts from Angamaly and heads to Fort Cochin. I’ve been taking this bus for the last few days, ever since our shift changed from day to a 10pm-7am shift. So most days I tend to see the same people in the bus, my fellow passengers. There is one particular passenger I am interested in, a woman who is, roughly around the ages of 29-32 by my estimates.

You usually sits towards the front and diagonally opposite me. I sit at a window seat and mostly get a good view of your face (your seat faces me) and although I try not to stare cause that is rude, I can help but steal many glances at you. I like what you wear and the way your face looks devoid of makeup but you still manage to look pretty and scrubbed clean. I so love the way a strand of your hair always escapes from constraints and lies on your face. I also love the way you purse your lips when you try to place the strand back in place with your right hand, knowing fully well that it’s gonna break free in about 10 minutes. Can’t say I blame it; perhaps it too wants to kiss your face and lips.

I look at your arms and wonder what it would be like if I could feel them around me, holding me and hugging me. And me kissing them. I wonder how you are to talk to and if you will laugh at all my jokes. Hopefully you get them and won’t laugh because you are polite. I wonder if you like to cook and would like a cooking partner – one with less skills but lots of enthusiasm. I wonder if you like sharing the morning paper and if you like puppies & dogs, kittens & cats and if you like to cuddle while watching movies. I sure do and if you can bear me playing loud music and singing/playing air guitar to it, I think we can go a long way together.

I hope the next time we see each other, you will return my smile and if you do so, I might get the courage to find a seat next to you, sit and strike up a conversation. And if it goes well, who knows? I could be buying you coffee and we’ll take it one step at a time after that.

See you in the morning!

Musical Performances I’d Like to See Live

Pearl Jam – my fav hard rock band. I might cry and I will sing along to all the songs as I know most of the lyrics. I love all their songs and I wish I could see them live.

Barenaked Ladies – as most of you know, the Ladies and PJ are my two fav bands of all time. I would join all the sing alongs for BNL, laugh until my sides hurt and scream for my fav songs.

Joe Satriani – it’s difficult for me to chose a third band of my 3 artists that I would like to see live some day. But ask me for a solo artist/guitar player and one name stands apart. Joe is amazing, his music is way melodic and exciting and wonderful. Gotta go with Satch on this one. Watch & listen.

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I Can Never Eat…

Hmm let’s split this into veg & non-veg sections. Let’s start with the non-veg:

Mutton is one meat that I do not like. Sheep & goat’s meat is not something I like and I haven’t eaten either since the late 90s. Kallumakai (mussels) which is served all over Calicut and available at cheap rates is something that I wanted to try but didn’t like and you can’t bribe me enough to ever eat it again.

Now the veggie section – I hate, can’t stand to see or smell and will never eat avial. For those of you not South Indian, avial is a popular veg curry that looks like puke to me. I hate it and have refused to eat that crap since 1985! In Karnataka you also have a disgusting looking dish called bisibalebath – you could hold a loaded gun to my head and yet I would never eat it! To me it looked like someone had a load of rice, curry & veggies and then puked it all out! That’s what the stupid thing looked like! I also do not like pavakka (bitter gourd), nellika (gooseberry)

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When I Can’t Sleep

I’ve heard that drinking warm milk does the trick and even makes you get a sound sleep. Lots of people drink warm milk; me? I hate the taste of warm milk unless it’s in my coffee. Cold milk I can drink, especially if it’s flavoured but plain hot/warm milk is yucky. Now beer, that is a drink that does make me sleepy. Two bootles of beer is sure to do the trick and make me go to sleep.

So what I usually do is sit up and go online, reading my favourite blogs and listen to music. Watch some videos on Youtube. If I am feeling a little tired, then I’ll watch videos on my laptop. Lately I’ve been turning to horror movies in particular. Horror movies take on a whole different life of its own when watched between the hours or midnight and 5 am. Little noises that are normal make you twitch and you jump up in a little fright. That is fun!

I used to read a whole, whole lot more than I do now. So until a few years ago, it used to be reading a novel on nights that I could not sleep and listening to music. And if I have some midnight snack with me, that would be great.

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The Fight That Never Was

Well I needed some beers in me. It had been about 3 weeks since I had any and now with me doing graveyard shifts, its difficult to get any to drink. If I work 1opm till 7 am 6 days a week, you can rule out having a beer Monday-Saturday. Cause I can’t drink a beer after work – after 7am? no way. And I sleep around 10-11am till 3-4pm and I can’t drink beer for atleast a couple of hours after that. I leave for the office at around 8:45pm and there is no way I am gonna drink beer and go to work!

So the only option for me is to wait till Sunday and have beers or vodka or whatever alcoholic drink I want to drink in the evening. I rule out drinking on Monday afternoon as well, unless it’s like just one beer or 2 vodkas. Hmmm, I will have to think about that. So anyways, I didn’t go last Sunday for any booze as I was just plain tired and so I stayed in. Yesterday I did want to go out and so I did. However I did leave quite late by 8pm, even if the bar is quite near my apartment. I got there about 20 minutes later and order a couple of Kingfisher Strong beers, some koondhal (squid) fry and fried rice and chilli beef for dinner.

I settled in my booth and was hoping for a nice chilled out evening but fate had other things in store for me. First, there was this big group of guys sitting the booth in front of me. 8 guys all drinking some beers and other stuff and talking really loud. Ok, I was hoping that they would leave soon. And about 45 mins after I reached, these buggers did get up and leave. But 2 minutes later they were all back in, sat back at the booth they had taken and started pouring over their bill. The waiter hadn’t yet cleared the table and I could see 9 beer bottles, 2 Sprites & a soda bottle on the table along with 4 glasses. The bill was for 13 beers, 2 Sprites, 1 soda, 4 brandys and 3 Romanov vodkas. Problem is that they didn’t order any vodka!

Things heated up when these guys started arguing with two waiters, the manager of the bar & another guy. After some back & forth, the bar agreed that the vodka was a mistake, added to them instead of for another table. 3 of the guys in the group then agreed that they did have some more beers, when they were there ahead of the rest of the group. But only 3 and not 4. Things were getting quite hostile and a few cuss words were being spoken by the guys. I’m just pissed off by now but still wondering if there would be fisticuffs! Finally the bar manager stopped everything with a compromise – the guys would pay for 12 beers, the sodas & Sprites and the brandy and things cooled down. Had it gone on for another 10 more minutes then a fight would have broken out.

Disappointed I went back to my dinner & beers!