Osama Bin Laden Is Fucking Dead

He was the mastermind behind the devastating September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center and other mass-casualty attacks against civilian & military targets. This cock sucking bastard shit of humanity was finally killed earlier today by a small group of American Navy Seals, acting under the direct order of US President Barack Obama. Almost 10 years after his biggest & most unforgettable act of destruction, the asshole is now dead. Justice prevailed I guess in a way.

For a lot of Americans especially those who have lost someone in the attacks and people who worked in the WTC, it’s a closure for them but it’s not going to bring back the dead. Still they will feel some kind of vengeance was done for them and their loved ones. What about the Arabs who were tortured and killed by Osama & his Taliban henchmen. They destroyed lives to serve a kind a Islam that they felt was right. Who made them the experts and gave them the right to kill and destroy? No one! Religion & gods are all ok as long as you don’t start killing people in the name of some crappy notions or ruining lives in the name of some imaginary bugger in the sky.

I don’t usually condone killing & taking lives but in this case, I celebrate. Anyone this evil and vile deserve to be killed and I just wish that he would have suffered a whole lot more. Like stuff a grenade up his asshole. Or wire his testicles and run electricity through them. Or stuff a water hose up his asshole and run the water so forcefully that shit comes out his mouth & nostrils.

Arsenal 1 Man Utd 0

Attacking with a purpose to prove a point, Arsenal took the game to league leading Manchester United and won 1-0 at the Emirates last evening. In the process, with Chelsea also winning, the loss to Arsenal means that United are just 3 points ahead of the Blues and the chase for the league title is wide open with 3 games left.

Aaron Ramsey’s winner early in the second half condemned United to defeat and leaves them only three points ahead of Chelsea with identical goal difference – and a meeting between the two to come at Old Trafford next Sunday. Forced to rebuild his promising career after suffering a broken leg, Ramsey made the most of a chance to deputise for injured captain Cesc Fabregas with a goal that will have been met with almost as much joy at Stamford Bridge as it was in front of Arsenal’s fans.

This leaves United on 73 points with 35 games played & Chelsea on 70 points with 3 games to go. A highly unlike situation will have to arise for Arsenal, 3 points behind Chelsea with 67 points, to win the league. This is provided that Arsenal win all 3 of their remaining games, Chelsea should beat or draw with Man U this coming weekend, and then the two teams will have to lose their next two games. Ideal scenario for us, one which is not at all probably but not impossible. Silverware will elude us yet again!