Burning The Midnight Oil

Due to a requirement from the client spoc, I’m staying overnight at the office along with the tech in charge and we’re waiting for the spoc to setup some stuff into our server for us via remote access. After that we have some testing to do and hence I’m staying back at the office for the night.

At around 7:30 pm we went out to buy some food and bought porottas, beef fry & a big bottle of Sprite for dinner. We came and had dinner, which was good, back in our office. Just in case we get hungry while working all night (and to keep us awake as well), I’ve also bought some snacks. They might come in handy. There also might be some hours of inactivity/waiting while the software is being downloaded and then installed so it’s a good thing that we also have some movies in one of the systems. Just in case we get bored. I know there’s Youtube and the internet but a movie sounds good.

What else to add? Oh the hard drive of the system that I use at the office crashed. Luckily I had a backup of all the files that I needed, just created this morning as we noticed that the hard disk was acting funny. I don’t really have that much files that I needed anyway.

Otherworldly Theme Music

I just love this theme music for the Scifi series Earth: Final Conflict. Although not one of my particular favourite tv shows, it still was a lot of fun. I must have been able to see only about 14-20 episode of this show and the episodes were scattered across the shows 5 seasons. I think I’ll download this series and try and follow the storyline.