Time Flies When You’re On The Web

A huge chunk of my time is spent on watching Youtube videos. Ever since I got an excellent plan from my ISP for being a customer for 4 years, doubling my then current speed, I’ve been watching a whole lot more of videos. Long interviews, reality shows and music stuff – all made much more easier for me for the past 8 months. Youtube has almost replaced tv for me, I watch a lot of stuff on it and I’m always buffering 5-6 videos at a time.

Blogging ofcourse is my normal favourite passtime. Its more than a hobby; it’s an outlet and it’s a release. It’s also a great way to find new stuff online and make a lot of new friends. I’ve been blogging since 2002 but took it up more seriously in late 2005 and I’ve maintained this blog since Jan 1st 2007 and it’s a big part of my life. I also love reading my favourite blogs and devour the various posts and pictures like a hungry lion on a wounded deer. My blog friends are as equally important & beloved to me as much as the ones I have here. I may not have met 99% of my blog buddies but they still are a huge part of my life. Ain’t that true ladies?

I download a lot of stuff – mp3s, tv series, movies mostly. Sometimes, if I can find them ebooks. I was lucky enough to get the entire Tintin & Astrix comic book series, downloaded in pdf format and I love spending Sunday morning with a big cup of coffee and one of these comics.

I also love going through wikipedia and wikis. I love reading up on my favourite Scifi shows and getting in depth information on them. I read bios of various actors, singers, musicians, sportsmen & women and reading the stories of a ton of movies.

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