Getting Ink On Your Skin?

That is what my name is in traditional Chinese letters (I hope Google translated it accurately).

I would want to get this tattooed on my arm. I love tattoos and enjoy the TLC / Discover Channel shows Miami Ink & LA Ink but was fascinated with tattoos and tattoo art for many years before the shows. Being a hard rock & heavy metal fan, its inevitable that I see a lot of them and find the artwork on many magazines and music videos and stuff.

If I got the chance to get a tattoo I’d be so spoiled for choice that I might not know what to get & how many I could get. But my name in Chinese, Russian, Arabic or Japanese lettering is good. Also you can’t go wrong with skull heads; always a favourite of most people. I’d like something elaborate, like this one below.

Workout Music

I don’t work out. I should probably start and stick to a schedule, what with me being fat and all. But no I do not work out. However if I did, or if I do finally get my lazy ass upto the stationary bike atleast for a 30 minute workout, I would definitely play some music to encourage me.

Now this blog prompt is asking for 3 favourite songs to work out to. Although I feel that is such a small, silly little insignificant number of songs to mention, being a lover of music with a vast collection of songs, I’ll humour Plinky and stick with their program. So here are my 3:

3. Crowd Chant – Joe Satriani

2. Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions

1. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivour


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