Real Beauty – Eye Of The Beholder

Whether you are in an office, college or school or just hanging out with your friends / relatives, chances are you will either see, hear or speak of a person of either the same or opposite sex who happens to be one of those people who are termed to be very ‘beautiful’. There are also chances that you and your peers or friends differ on as to ‘how’ beautiful that person is. Someone who you tend to think of as the very definition of beauty might not seem to be very desirable & beautiful to another person. And this can become a quite heated debate as well. And one of the terms I often here is that she is a ‘real beauty’ and not like most of the other women who are aren’t the real deal. For the sake of this post, I will stick to the female form as I am a straight man.

But what is this ‘real beauty’ that people like to use as a term for the blessed few? Have you thought that for yourself? If you were to meet and get to know a 1,000,000 beautiful & gorgeous women from around the world, you would select a small handful of women from that list as ones that have real beauty. I’m sure that is the case for me and for most people I know. I’ll tell you what I’d look for. Other than mere looks, I’d look for the vibes that she puts out. Does she come out as being open, friendly, non-judgmental and not too cocky or arrogant. When speaking with this person I’d come to know how she looks at the world and what kind of a person she is. Is she kind to the elderly and the unfortunate? Does her face light up on coming across a puppy/kitten or small children? Does she treat people around her with respect and honesty?

One of the things that I hate is when a beautiful women think she is way more beautiful than she really is and behaves as if she should get certain privileges just because of the way she looks. And that she can get away with things that 99% of the population wouldn’t even dream of getting away with. Like the world should be thankful just to be graced by her presence. Her demands & plans are not interesting to me. I like the girls who have no clue as to how gorgeous they truly are. But they show that beauty in their actions, their modesty and decency and in the sweetness that they have. I just can’t help but liking such girls and would consider myself to be lucky if such a woman would be mine.

One can always dream!

Traveling In The Bus

I travel by bus for anything between 60-90 minutes, depending on the route that the bus takes from my area to the office. A lot of my time is spent staring through the windows or gazing upwards as I listen to mp3s on my phone. Usually I travel by the normal KSRTC buses but I also get the luxury (for us atleast) Volvo buses that KSRTC runs. Sitting in the air conditioned closed off bus, you are relaxed and fresh as you reach your destination and I so enjoy traveling in them.

Here’s what I usually see when I travel in the buses. We need even more of these buses in our state (and the rest of India) cause they make commuting so much more better.