Thrashers Sale: Confirmed? Not Yet?

2 days ago, the news broke out in an exclusive article in the Globe & Mail that an agreement has been made between the Atlanta Thrashers owners and True North Sports & Entertainment to sell the NHL franchise & for TNSE to move the team to Winnipeg. Although at first only a few media sources reported it soon became viral and a few people in Winnipeg started a party at night. However we then got a report that it wasn’t all done and that there were still many things in the agreement to be ironed out.

Then again sometime back I read a couple of reports – one stating that the deal is done and that there would be work on it continuing throughout the weekend in order for an official announcement to be doled out by Tuesday with the NHL, TSNE & current Thrashers owners jointly doing so. All that’s left is for the NHL’s board of governors to rubber stamp the deal and for True North to hold a press conference. The Globe and Mail’s Stephen Brunt, who broke the story on Thursday, said that will likely occur on Tuesday.

While people in Winnipeg celebrate and the discussion turns to what the team is going to be called (the old Jets is a firm favourite while the Moose & the Falcons are the next in line) and what the logo & jersey colours will be, another report comes out saying that the deal, although very likely to take place, is far from over and that there were complications to be sorted out! This is getting crazy. I just hope that something gets sorted out by Tuesday and we can put it all to rest.

Or must I get Tie Domi to come and spear you all?