I Can Never Eat…

Hmm let’s split this into veg & non-veg sections. Let’s start with the non-veg:

Mutton is one meat that I do not like. Sheep & goat’s meat is not something I like and I haven’t eaten either since the late 90s. Kallumakai (mussels) which is served all over Calicut and available at cheap rates is something that I wanted to try but didn’t like and you can’t bribe me enough to ever eat it again.

Now the veggie section – I hate, can’t stand to see or smell and will never eat avial. For those of you not South Indian, avial is a popular veg curry that looks like puke to me. I hate it and have refused to eat that crap since 1985! In Karnataka you also have a disgusting looking dish called bisibalebath – you could hold a loaded gun to my head and yet I would never eat it! To me it looked like someone had a load of rice, curry & veggies and then puked it all out! That’s what the stupid thing looked like! I also do not like pavakka (bitter gourd), nellika (gooseberry)

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When I Can’t Sleep

I’ve heard that drinking warm milk does the trick and even makes you get a sound sleep. Lots of people drink warm milk; me? I hate the taste of warm milk unless it’s in my coffee. Cold milk I can drink, especially if it’s flavoured but plain hot/warm milk is yucky. Now beer, that is a drink that does make me sleepy. Two bootles of beer is sure to do the trick and make me go to sleep.

So what I usually do is sit up and go online, reading my favourite blogs and listen to music. Watch some videos on Youtube. If I am feeling a little tired, then I’ll watch videos on my laptop. Lately I’ve been turning to horror movies in particular. Horror movies take on a whole different life of its own when watched between the hours or midnight and 5 am. Little noises that are normal make you twitch and you jump up in a little fright. That is fun!

I used to read a whole, whole lot more than I do now. So until a few years ago, it used to be reading a novel on nights that I could not sleep and listening to music. And if I have some midnight snack with me, that would be great.

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