Letter To The Woman In My Bus

This blog post goes out to the woman I see everyday in the return bus home from work:

I guess I’ve stated this earlier but, I take a bus from Koratty (my work place) to Angamaly and from the Angamaly bus stand I board an orange low-floor ac Volvo bus that starts from Angamaly and heads to Fort Cochin. I’ve been taking this bus for the last few days, ever since our shift changed from day to a 10pm-7am shift. So most days I tend to see the same people in the bus, my fellow passengers. There is one particular passenger I am interested in, a woman who is, roughly around the ages of 29-32 by my estimates.

You usually sits towards the front and diagonally opposite me. I sit at a window seat and mostly get a good view of your face (your seat faces me) and although I try not to stare cause that is rude, I can help but steal many glances at you. I like what you wear and the way your face looks devoid of makeup but you still manage to look pretty and scrubbed clean. I so love the way a strand of your hair always escapes from constraints and lies on your face. I also love the way you purse your lips when you try to place the strand back in place with your right hand, knowing fully well that it’s gonna break free in about 10 minutes. Can’t say I blame it; perhaps it too wants to kiss your face and lips.

I look at your arms and wonder what it would be like if I could feel them around me, holding me and hugging me. And me kissing them. I wonder how you are to talk to and if you will laugh at all my jokes. Hopefully you get them and won’t laugh because you are polite. I wonder if you like to cook and would like a cooking partner – one with less skills but lots of enthusiasm. I wonder if you like sharing the morning paper and if you like puppies & dogs, kittens & cats and if you like to cuddle while watching movies. I sure do and if you can bear me playing loud music and singing/playing air guitar to it, I think we can go a long way together.

I hope the next time we see each other, you will return my smile and if you do so, I might get the courage to find a seat next to you, sit and strike up a conversation. And if it goes well, who knows? I could be buying you coffee and we’ll take it one step at a time after that.

See you in the morning!

Musical Performances I’d Like to See Live

Pearl Jam – my fav hard rock band. I might cry and I will sing along to all the songs as I know most of the lyrics. I love all their songs and I wish I could see them live.

Barenaked Ladies – as most of you know, the Ladies and PJ are my two fav bands of all time. I would join all the sing alongs for BNL, laugh until my sides hurt and scream for my fav songs.

Joe Satriani – it’s difficult for me to chose a third band of my 3 artists that I would like to see live some day. But ask me for a solo artist/guitar player and one name stands apart. Joe is amazing, his music is way melodic and exciting and wonderful. Gotta go with Satch on this one. Watch & listen.

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