I Play The Blues, Call Me Mr. Bluesman


Well here’s something from a few years ago. I believe this is from March 2007 and it was taken on on my old Motorola Razor’s 1.3 mp camera and just before I sold the phone and got a Samsung. It’s a motorized dummy/doll whatever you want to call it, of a Blues dude, probably modeled after the Blues Brothers hanging on a counter in a music store in Cochin. If you press a button the figure would move and play you a Blues ditty on the harmonica he has with him. If I am right there were a few tunes built into the machine and it would play one at random when you pressed the button.

I loved the little dude and would have loved to own one but he wasn’t for sale. A few months later when I went to the same store and didn’t see him. I asked around and found out that he was broken and they couldn’t get him fixed. Such a shame! Play a song for me Mr. Bluesman!