With the onset of the monsoon, I can say goodbye to hot, sweaty nights and say hello to much cooler & windy nights & days and getting drenched a few times here and there. With that, I give you my 11 songs with RAIN in the title.

  • November Rain – Guns n’Roses
  • Crying In The Rain – A-ha
  • I Wish It Would Rain Down – Phil Collins
  • Paper Rain – Amanda Stott
  • No Rain – Blind Melon
  • Rain Will Fall – I Mother Earth
  • Another Rainy Night – Queensryche
  • Tears In The Rain – Joe Satriani
  • Rained Out Parade – Wide Mouth Mason
  • After The Rain – Nelson
  • Alice In Chains – Rain When I Die

And before he says anything, Manoj sorry I could not add your life theme song It’s Raining Men!

Rather here is a live performance of Queensryche’s Another Rainy Night! Enjoy

Reader’s Poll: Which Netbook To Purchase?

Ok now, I just need some help – netbooks; which one to get. The reason is two fold – my friend wants to get one but neither he nor I has no idea which one to go for. I would also like one for work purposes (lugging around my heavy but budget friendly Lenovo G550 is hard on my shoulder).

At my previous company, I noticed a lot of Samsung netbooks that were given to managers, DGMs, GMs and so on. I only got to the AM level before I left so never got to use the Samsung :).

Usage on the netbook will be very basic stuff : internet browsing, emails, some light Excel, Word & Powerpoint work and playing videos that will need to be displayed via a projector to a larger screen. Wieght & portability is a huge factor in getting one and I want a 10 inch screen. Which one would you guys suggest?

Please vote and click here to see the poll results. Last date is 30th June.