RIP Derek Boogaard

The New York Rangers organization announced the sad news that forward Derek Boogaard has been found dead in his Minneapolis apartment. The 28-year-old had just completed his first season with the Rangers after spending his first five years with the Minnesota Wild.

Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Michael Russo first reported the news via Twitter on Friday evening. Cause of death is unknown at this time.

Boogaard broke in with the Wild in 2005-06 and, at six-foot-seven and 260-pounds, quickly gained a reputation as one of the game’s top enforcers. Off the ice, Boogaard showcased a different side and was noted for his charitable work in Minnesota.

After being signed by the Rangers last summer as an unrestricted free agent, Boogaard established “Boogaard’s Booguardians,” hosting military members and their families at all Ranger home games. The Saskatoon native was originally Minnesota’s seventh-round selection, 202nd overall, in the 2001 NHL draft.  He played in only 22 games this past season after suffering a shoulder injury. In 277 career games, Boogaard recorded three goals, 13 assists and 589 penalty minutes. Boogaard and his brother Aaron, who plays hockey for the Laredo Bucks of the Central Hockey League, ran the Derek and Aaron Boogaard Fighting Camp in Regina, Saskatchewan, for children ages 12 to 18.

Derek Boogaard (June 23, 1982 – May 13, 2011)

Circle Of My Current Day

So here’s my day structure out in the open for all to read, now that we are doing a night shift.

  • Last Tuesday, in the afternoon, we were given the information that we would be moving to an over night shift from the next day. But before we did that, there were some technical stuff to be sorted out. Thus, the technical guy and I would be staying over night to sort stuff out and do some testing. We said ok, so after we sent off the rest of the employees at 6pm, the two of us settled down for what would be a long day at work. We did some work and took turns at taking cat naps and made some test calls to the US and things were mostly settled by 5:45 am. By 6:30 I went to the bus stop and made my way back home.
  • After that the real nigh shift started so, I leave home a little after 8:30 pm and catch a bus heading towards the little town where my office is located. There’s a bus headed to Chalakudy at 9pm, which takes a direct route and saves time for me, and that’s perfect for me. I reach the office by 10pm. I usually buy a 7up and a small packet of biscuits for the long ride.
  • Dinner is bought along the way and I eat it at the office usually around 11 pm. I also buy biscuits or bananas and there’s coffee and tea powder for us to drink and keep ourselves awake if needed.
  • At 6am we leave the office. Or usually its by 6:30 pm and I walk to the bus stop and wait for a relatively less crowded bus to take me to the Angamaly KSRTC bus stand. There’s two buses from Angamaly to the main city area of Ernakulam that I target – at 7am there’s the Angamaly-Fort Kochi orange Volvo low floor, air-conditioned bus that’s comfort on wheels. Or at 7:20 am there’s the cheaper, no air-conditioned, green Volvo Angamaly-Ernakulam bus. I reach home by 8 am or 8:20 depending on which bus I take and am having coffee at my laptop 10 minutes later.
  • Breakfast and sitting at the laptop for a couple of hours later, I go to sleep at 11am and wake up at 2pm for lunch. About 20 minutes later I’m back in bed and sleeping again. I’m not sure if this is the right way to do it but I’m yet to get into a routine, a rhythm, a groove! by 5:30 pm I’m awake once again and watching Youtube videos or tv series episodes that I downloaded. By 7:45pm, I go to the toilet, take a bath and shave. I reach the bus stop by 8:30pm and await my bus.

And the cycle repeats itself.

My Idea of Perfect Weather

Perfect weather. Hmmm it means a lot of things to a lot of people. I live in one of the hottest places on earth, I think! Humidity factor is like a big deal over here. So although a lot of people, in a lot of places and even in my city, may not like it, I love rain! Not namby pamby rain, I love lots of rain with a very cool wind blowing in at the same time. I hate thunder & lightning and the power going out, so none of that level of rain. Or that level of rain without thunder & lightning and the power going out!

With the sun usually so hot and the evenings being hot, sweaty & muggy, You sweat so much that the sheets stick to your legs & thighs. During those nights I often wonder how Malayalees have sex on these nights! I mean, it would be a sweaty, sticky, pasty affair. A good rain will cool everything down. If it wasn’t for the rains we couldn’t get through the year. I always look forward to the monsoon season and enjoy sleeping in the rains. Afternoons and nights too. The breeze blowing in through the wind and onto my hair & face.

That’s perfection for me. Clouds in the sky and rain falling down to cool the hottest place on earth.

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The only thing I knew about this movie was that sexy Jessica Pare was starring in it and that the movie features rock icons Alex Lifeson, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper & Henry Rollins. Suck is a Canadian rock and roll comedy, written & directed by Rob Stefaniuk who also plays the male lead in the movie.

It follows a petty rock band called the Winners, consisting of vocalist Joey Winner (Stefaniuk), bassist Jennifer (Paré), guitarist Tyler (Paul Anthony), drummer Sam (Mike Lobel), and French-Canadian roadie Hugo (Chris Ratz), along with their sleazy manager Jeff (Dave Foley). Jeff is about to give up on the struggling band, when a powerful vampire  (Dimitri Coats) invites Jennifer to a party and the turns her into a vampire. The result is that now with a mysterious & sexy bassist, the band starts getting lots of hype and fans, entranced by her. The Winners go on a tour of Canada & the US. Meanwhile, a vampire hunter who is afraid of the dark named Eddie Van Helsing (McDowell) quickly chases them down.

When Jennifer kills & feds on the lead singer of another band, her bandmembers walk in on her and discover her new nature. hen they have to make a decision: rock and roll fame coupled with eternal life/damnation or giving up the dream and getting a real job. While lead singer Joey is more skeptical, the other two revel in the new found fame and even convince Jennifer to turn them into vampires too. Joey is at first shocked and wants nothing to do with the lifestyle but he too eventually lets himself be turned.

Van Helsing is behind Queeny the ancient vampire who turned Jennifer into one, because back in the 70s Queeney had targeted and fed on a black singer, who was also Van Helsing’s lover. Spurned on my grief and anger, he has hunted the vampire and tracked his every move although his efforts were in vain till now. Finally he catches Queeny, who is killed and thereby releasing the vampire effect on the band – all 4 of them revert back to being normal mortal humans. Jennifer & Joey go back to being a couple again, living a dull normal life until they are approached by Alice Cooper, seemingly not just a mysterious bartender but a powerful being, who offers them one more chance at stardom. They agree!

It’s a fun, silly movie with quite a few laughs. It’s not a classic but it’s something that you can enjoy with your friends. And hey if you like rock music & vampires, you’ll love this movie. I give it a 6 out of 10!

And I Feel I’m Growing Older

This is Blackmore’s Night, a renaissance themed project & Ritchie Blackmore’s band after Deep Purple, Rainbow & Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. Cadice Night was discovered by Ritchie in 1989 when she asked him for an autograph and she did some vocals for him. He later married her and started off this band with her. I think she’s got a beautiful voice and fits this version of a classic Deep Purple song, Soldier Of Fortune, very well.

Focus Now On Thrashers

The aftermath of the vote in Glendale (suburb of Phoenix, Arizona) was that the Coyotes were staying put in the desert, for atleast another year, as the city pledges to pay $25 million to the NHL. This ruling and the money allows the city to be to get another year’s time to search for a new owner & one who will keep the franchise in the Arizona area, rather than moving the team elsewhere, which is what was going to happen if the vote was negative for the $25 million. Winnipeg, with an NHL ready arena and an ownership group with plenty of cash in True North, were the best & only true candidate for moving the franchise.

So after all that promise that the Coyotes, who started out as the Jets in Winnipeg and were sold & moved to Arizona 15 years ago due to the then owner losing money, would be sold to TNSE and move back to their rightful home turned out to be in vain as the NHL & commissioner Gary Bettman in particular pulled out all stops to help Glendale save their franchise – atleast until next year because if they don’t find a potential owner(s) with enough cash, we could be repeating this again next year. So what’s in store for the fans of Winnipeg? Well plan B, which is the Thrashers of Atlanta, whose owners want to sell the franchise as they have been losing money. TNSE had been saying that if they couldn’t get the Coyotes, they would then focus all their efforts on the other franchise up for sale, which is the Trashers. True North in Winnipeg will meet via conference call with the Atlanta ownership group tomorrow. The call will be conducted by Gary Bettman who reportedly is prepared to allow True North to move the franchise to Winnipeg.

Rumours are that True North is prepared to commit $170 Millon to the deal, 110 of which would go to the Atlanta group with the remain $60M going to the NHL as a transfer fee.

Time Flies When You’re On The Web

A huge chunk of my time is spent on watching Youtube videos. Ever since I got an excellent plan from my ISP for being a customer for 4 years, doubling my then current speed, I’ve been watching a whole lot more of videos. Long interviews, reality shows and music stuff – all made much more easier for me for the past 8 months. Youtube has almost replaced tv for me, I watch a lot of stuff on it and I’m always buffering 5-6 videos at a time.

Blogging ofcourse is my normal favourite passtime. Its more than a hobby; it’s an outlet and it’s a release. It’s also a great way to find new stuff online and make a lot of new friends. I’ve been blogging since 2002 but took it up more seriously in late 2005 and I’ve maintained this blog since Jan 1st 2007 and it’s a big part of my life. I also love reading my favourite blogs and devour the various posts and pictures like a hungry lion on a wounded deer. My blog friends are as equally important & beloved to me as much as the ones I have here. I may not have met 99% of my blog buddies but they still are a huge part of my life. Ain’t that true ladies?

I download a lot of stuff – mp3s, tv series, movies mostly. Sometimes, if I can find them ebooks. I was lucky enough to get the entire Tintin & Astrix comic book series, downloaded in pdf format and I love spending Sunday morning with a big cup of coffee and one of these comics.

I also love going through wikipedia and wikis. I love reading up on my favourite Scifi shows and getting in depth information on them. I read bios of various actors, singers, musicians, sportsmen & women and reading the stories of a ton of movies.

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Burning The Midnight Oil

Due to a requirement from the client spoc, I’m staying overnight at the office along with the tech in charge and we’re waiting for the spoc to setup some stuff into our server for us via remote access. After that we have some testing to do and hence I’m staying back at the office for the night.

At around 7:30 pm we went out to buy some food and bought porottas, beef fry & a big bottle of Sprite for dinner. We came and had dinner, which was good, back in our office. Just in case we get hungry while working all night (and to keep us awake as well), I’ve also bought some snacks. They might come in handy. There also might be some hours of inactivity/waiting while the software is being downloaded and then installed so it’s a good thing that we also have some movies in one of the systems. Just in case we get bored. I know there’s Youtube and the internet but a movie sounds good.

What else to add? Oh the hard drive of the system that I use at the office crashed. Luckily I had a backup of all the files that I needed, just created this morning as we noticed that the hard disk was acting funny. I don’t really have that much files that I needed anyway.

Otherworldly Theme Music

I just love this theme music for the Scifi series Earth: Final Conflict. Although not one of my particular favourite tv shows, it still was a lot of fun. I must have been able to see only about 14-20 episode of this show and the episodes were scattered across the shows 5 seasons. I think I’ll download this series and try and follow the storyline.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN: Songs 2 Play While Driving

I don’t drive, don’t have a car and don’t have a license. But when I am in a car with close friends or my cousins, I love to play music. It’s usually loud rock & metal music. Drums, bass, keyboards and screaming lead guitars. That’s the best kind. Here’s my faourite songs to play while riding in a car.

  • Here I Go Again – Whitesnake
  • Ride The Wind – Poison
  • Pinch Me – Barenaked Ladies
  • Radar Love – White Lion
  • Highway Star – Deep Purple
  • Paradise City – Guns n’Roses
  • Living In Paradise – David Lee Roth
  • Rearviewmirror – Pearl Jam
  • Highway To Hell – AC/DC
  • Dreamline – Rush
  • Wanted Dead Or Alive – Bon Jovi

Counting My Chickens

A few days ago me and my friend while driving past it noticed the new KFC franchise being completed on MG Road near Pallimukku. Neither of us had previously known that there was a new franchise being planned in Cochin. There is just one KFC outlet here but that is on the bypass road and it’s difficult to get there without a vehicle as buses don’t stop near there, or you have to catch an auto. That is good, we get to go there as it’s much closer and easier to get too. I guess what I’m gonna do is get a bucket once they are all setup and sit with dad & mom one evening.

However it’s not like we haven’t had KFC style food – Cochin boasts of 3 other fast food restaurants that serve you similarly fried chicken specialty houses. We have Chick King, which has several franchises (5 by my count in Cochin alone) in the state. Based out of Dubai, they advertise big and I usually buy from them. In 2010 I went along with some friends to Chicknic, a similarly style restaurant about 2 kms from my place. I like the ambiance, the decor, the food and even the plates & glasses. I found it to be a relaxing place to sit with some friends and chat while eating some food.

The latest to come out in Cochin is Chicken Chicago, started by an Indian business group based out of Qatar. I guess they only have one outlet and it’s only in Cochin (from what I could make out). Rather stupidly named (no connection to Chicago or Illinois to speak off) the restaurant offers what it calls “original taste and low cholesterol count” food. I haven’t been there or ordered food from them so I can’t comment on their wares.

Oh and before I forget, before all of these came out, a small group tried to re-create the KFC taste by opening up an outlet called Kentucky Chicken Broast. They didn’t last long and I never tried the food from there. Anyways, I’m gonna order from KFC one of these days. I used to love them when we lived in Kuwait and the only other times I have had any from KFC is twice from Bangalore – once in 1996 and once in 2010!

Bru – Coffee For Me

Which is the most popular coffee brand in the world? To most people’s minds, the answer popping up automatically could be Nescafe. Many years ago, when I first started drinking coffee regularly, Nescafe was a staple at my house. Around the early 90s or so we switched to the Indian brand Bru and I pretty much prefer it. Bru is instant coffee and it’s a fine powder and over the years I guess I have just gotten used to the taste. I drink coffee with sugar & milk (not cream) but usually if I’m making it, I drink black with sugar. That’s mostly because I’ m too lazy to boil milk or heat it up if it’s cold from the fridge.

We recently bought some Nescafe as Bru wasn’t available and although it has a nice aroma, I just can’t get used to the taste. Also I just can’t seem to make a good cup of coffee with it. I can’t seem to get the measurement of how much coffee powder to use for my cup. In the case of Bru, I could do it in my sleep but with Nescafe I just can’t  get it right. I either put too much and the coffee is too strong & bitter and I have to either add milk or more sugar or it’s too light and I have to add more coffee powder. It’s just too hard. And on the rare occasions when I do get it right, it’s like a huge achievement – comparable to climbing Mt. Everest! I fist pump the air, give a hi-5 to anyone who happens to be nearby and shout “hallelujah!”

So I’m gonna stick with Bru? What’s your favourite brand of coffee?

Disturbing Babies On Breasts

I saw this video this evening while drinking a few at my fav bar. They have a big tv there and were paying a dvd of dance & pop numbers. Then this video came on. It’s Boggie Pimps doing a terrible version of Jefferson Airplane’s oldie classic Somebody To Love. This version is ofcourse dumbed down but I found the video to be a bit inappropriate.

The video features a sexy model in sheer lace underwear, writhing on her back and giving us a good look at her nice big assets. Nothing wrong in that, I quite enjoy her little show and admire her nice jugs.  Then there’s these babies, all jumping outta a plane and parachuting towards her. The woman is shown as to be large large, gigantic in proportion to the parachuting babies. They see her tits and images of rich milk bottles pop in one of babies eyes. One of them bounces of her left boob. We see some of the babies heading for her crotch ad she raised both her knees. Finally they land on her belly and all join up on her breast.

What kind of a video is this?

My Childhood Dream Job

Let’s see; when I was 5-10 years old I remember that I wanted to be a spaceman. I loved tv series like Stair Trek TOS, Battlestar Galactica (the original) & the Star Wars movies. So,, I just wanted to be Captain Kirk, fend of the evil aliens and bed the sexy women. Pilot or command the fastest space shuttles and star ships and zip across the galaxy.

I also wanted to be a professional tennis player. This must have been from the time I got into tennis, when I was 12 till I was 20. I wanted to see the world and play on the grass, clay & hard courts of the world. I also had the weirdest idea that tennis could also be played on two other surfaces – on brick and on ice!!! What was I smoking during those years?

And ofcourse I dreamed of being a rock star (still do at the age of 34). I was so into rock and metal and still rock hard & true. I wanted to play guitar like the very best musicians like Satriani, Vai, Morse & Malmsteen and be as great singer/frontmen as Dio, Vedder, Meine, Axl Rose and Tyler! That is so the ultimate dream, play in front of 20,000 screaming fans every night, bed the sexiest super models, live in huge mansions, with 50 cars, be on the cover of every major music & media magazine and live the life!!

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NHL Has Interim Agreement To Keep Coyotes

It’s been a never-ending saga of will the Phoenix Coyotes remain in the Arizona desert or will they be sold to True North and move back to where the franchise originally started out – Winnipeg, Manitoba. The pending sale to Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsier has hit the wall and latest reports state that he might be pulling out. And now, the NHL has proposed that they will run the franchise in Phoenix for another year (atleast) and  theNHL and the city of Glendale have agreed to prolong the agony for another season while negotiations to find a new owner continue. One source with knowledge of the deal says this is it, that Winnipeg’s NHL hopes hang in the balance.

If passed, the agreement would allow Glendale, the league and Matt Hulsizer more time to work out a long-term plan to keep the team in Arizona. Under the deal, Glendale taxpayers would be on the hook for another $25 million in losses next season, just like they were this past season. The agreement must gain the support of Glendale city council, which meets next Tuesday and vote on the action. Bettman his henchman are doing this to do everything possible to ensure that the Coyotes stay back in Arizona. However, if Glendale politicians balk, all bets are off and the NHL will probably sell the franchise to True North who will move the franchise back to where they belong.

Stargate Universe : Episode 25 “Cloverdale”

ThInfected by an alien organism Lt. Matthew Scot stars hallucinating and it feels extremely real to the young soldier. In it he is heading home with Ronald Greer in a bus, after the two have had a tour of Afghanistan. On seeing Eli & Col. Young after getting down at their stop, he runs to them but is hit by a car. Col. Young is his father in this dream & Eli is the brother of Chloe, who is getting married to Scot. Despite getting hit, Scot is ok and they head home. Scott introduces Greer to Young and Eli. Greer is to be Scott’s best man at his upcoming wedding to Chloe. Eli notes that he took himself out of the running for best man, as he plans to film the wedding as a present for the couple.

Scot is a bit disappointed that there isn’t going to be a bachelor party as Young explains that Chloe wants to take Scot to a movie. The Lt. faints as Chloe after just having come to the house inquires about his bruise from the car hit. Once he recovers, Greer attributes it to the fact that Scot hasn’t eaten all day, to which end Chloe makes a sandwich. Young states that Scot looks fine & that his son & future daughter-in-law should go for the movie. However Scot is confused at the theatre – the movie shows him & Chloe as the two main actors. Disturbed by the scenes of the film (a horror movie with him & Chloe as the lead pair) Scot leaves the theatre, followed by his fiance. They go to a bar, run by Brody, where unknown to Scot, his bachelor party is being arranged. Happy at the surprise, Scot enjoys drinks with his father & friends.

After getting drunk, Eli & Greer try to lead Scot home. Telford, a sheriff offers them a ride home. Chloe is upset the next morning that he is hungover but tells him to get to the justice of peace – Dr. Rush. Later Eli says that he isn’t sure that the Lt, can commit himself to just one girl. A little angry scot walks out but faints again. A medic, Johanssen, treats him and he wakes up to go to the wedding. This is when he finally wakes up in the real world. A huge plant organism with huge tendrils were attacking the away team on a planet. Lt. Scot was infected by the venom in the tendrils and has been hallucinating the whole thing, while the crew try to fight the organism and also save Scot from the infection that is spreading quickly. They had come down to amputating his arm to save him and stop the infection from spreading throughout his body but Chloe’s blood is what saves him. The transfusion from her kills the infection and he is saved. However Col. Young, while happy that the Lt is ok, has him & Chloe kept in quarantine.

My Favorite Things to Photograph

Sunsets, clouds, the ocean, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens (kittehs), alcohol poured in glasses on the rocks, greenery, women, girls, ladies, chicks, babes, females, people (my friends and family), coffee, food – in short, anything!

Here’s one of my favourite photos taken by myself. It’s the building next to ours, while still under construction. This shot was taken on a 1.3 mp camera of my old Motorola Razor back in 2007.

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