What Would You Do With A Whole Week Off?

In retrospect I made a mistake – the gap between my last day at my previous job & my current one was just a single Sunday. That was not wise but at the time I felt due to emotions running high, it would be better to jump straight into it. Hindsight being 20/20, it wasn’t a great idea at all, especially noting the fact that I haven’t taken time off, like a real holiday/vacation from work since 2009 May. That kind of schedule isn’t kind to the working man’s mind and body and I have been itching to get away and do something on my own for a long time.

I had intended to take a break in May but held it off as my computer crashed and I needed to save cash for my laptop that I bought in June. Hence a good chunk of my June & July salary went to paying off the cost of the lappy. Then I though I’d something in August but with lots of challenges at work I decided to put it off till November/December. When I had almost planned things for taking a 9 day vacation in December, the company announced a new project which required me to be fully involved for the 1st full month. That meant that December was a no go as well. And I really needed a break after that hectic month but then things went from bad to worse and I decided, after discussing it with people at the office, to quit after serving 2 months notice.

So my last day there was March 5th and I started coming here from March 7th. I wish that I could actually take a break, a long one but even a week will do. I would sleep in for 2 days and then travel around with no particular aim for the remaining 5 days. Go to the beach, eat some fresh sea food, visit some friends, go to the movies and maybe have a get together with some of my cousins. Go stay in my mom’s parents’ house in Mattancherry and see some of the old digs there. Guess that’s what I would do.

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